PART II: The Space Scene
Step 09: Getting Started on the Space Scene open online photoshop
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OK, let's put your head aside and use some new tools to create an amazing, dazzling space panorama.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you work through the remaining Steps of this Picture editing help:

Follow along with the directions and you should end up with an amazing image. We need to start a new document that is large enough to fit everything we are going to be doing in this part of the project.

  1. If you still have your Face file open go ahead and close it now - we will not need it again until Step 19
  2. Open ToolPic and click File then New... to begin a new document
  3. We want a large image, so change the settings to the following...

    Be sure that all 5 of your settings exactly match those above as they are very important; for example, by choosing Transparent for Background we will avoid having to remove the default white background that we will not need for our project

Be certain your Width and Height are set to px (which is pixels - the red arrow above) and NOT Inches (or any other setting). If you make a 1000 inch square image you are creating a graphic that is over 83 FEET wide. Yeah, that will crash ToolPic, your computer, the Internet, and probably every computer network around the world. Ok, just kidding, but you will kill ToolPic. Just make sure it says px.

  1. Click Create

ToolPic should open a new blank image and name it Space09. Note that if we had not put in a Name that ToolPic would have named our image New Project. This is actually a very common name for ToolPic images as this is the default name given to all new images created in ToolPic and will remain the image's name unless you change it.

  1. Click File then click Save as PSD
  2. Name the file Space09
READ THE DIRECTIONS! You can ONLY get credit for doing the work if you read and follow the directions YOURSELF!!

Our first step in creating an amazing space panorama is to create a field of stars.

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