11 damaged old photos are repaired. This is the real Photoshop master!

ps is most commonly used in advertising design, poster and other graphic production, as well as P-map work such as studio. Most of the time, it is used to make the pictures look better</ span>

however, PS has more omnipotent functions, such as repair work

Michelle Spalding, a foreign designer, has used PS to repair many precious old photos, helping people retain their memories by repairing pictures</ span>

the only picture of two mothers when they were young</ span>

A family photo in the early 20th century</ span>

the only photo of my grandparents</ span>

this photo was badly damaged, but it was successfully repaired a little manually through the following steps, combined with anatomical knowledge.





a yellowing old age photo


in order to preserve the memory of the times, the Chinese PS God has also restored some precious photos.

spiritual old people in the old times


late Qing Dynasty


a family photo in the late Qing Dynasty


photos of the old Red Army


each picture is a period of time, a fragment of memory, and even a microcosm of an era</ span>


ps repair is to put together and pick up a handful of fragments that will soon disappear in the long river of memory, so that those important memory fragments can be returned to the hearts of each party</ span>

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