Can it replace traditional photoshop

I personally think that at least it is not possible to completely replace photoshop, but some simple and fast image processing is completely enough.

The interface is very similar to photoshop, with all common functions, filter layer style adjustment layers, and common shortcut keys can also be used, but some shortcut keys will conflict.
Free, no installation, no need to crack, browser operation, foreign websites may need to wait two more minutes, after opening, the default English interface, you can modify it to Chinese in More-Language.
Personally, I don’t think there is any software that can completely replace Photoshop. At least in terms of image detail processing, ps is still irreplaceable.
I feel that I am used to the latter, and it will not be easy to use others with dependence, so I think the latter is irreplaceable, but it is not perfect, and there are many points worth complaining about, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I think it’s just enough, I hope there are other software that can surpass it to popularize the public~

Let’s go check it out

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