15 scientific designs to make life full of sunshine

Every industry has its own design lion. From houses, furniture, electrical appliances to every tool used in our life, it is specially designed by people. However, the ingenious design of some designers not only greatly improves the creativity of the article, but also makes it simpler, more convenient and more satisfactory for us to use in our daily life.

Just like the summary in our article, I believe you can’t help praising the designer after reading it!

1. In some foreign countries, garbage cans are designed to be inclined, so that people passing by can put garbage into garbage cans more easily and accurately.

2. This sofa is specially designed for families with pets. There is a special pet house at the armrest of the sofa, which is convenient for pets to rest</ p>

3. The sewer outlet takes into account the women who wear high heels. This design can prevent the women’s thin high heels from getting stuck inside</ p>

4. The attitude towards vulnerable groups is the most intuitive reflection of the degree of social civilization. Like the garbage can in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the following figure, this design is actually to make it easier for scavengers to find the garbage they need. The next shelf can put some valuable garbage, which is convenient for the scavenger to find it easily and accurately</ p>

5. How many people have been troubled by socket problems? Obviously there is a jack, but it can’t be plugged in because the proportion is not appropriate. The design of this socket is really the conscience of the industry. Such a design will not affect the simultaneous use of jacks</ p>

6. The fake bus stop sign designed by the nursing home prevents the elderly with dementia from getting lost by bus</ p>

7. Swing power generation and swing charger enable passengers to entertain and charge their mobile phones. This design is also true</ p>

8. With the revolving refrigerator, we can finally find what we need without rummaging through the boxes. This design, which makes life more convenient and beautiful, should be vigorously promoted</ p>

9. 3D printing technology has been relatively mature, and now it can be said to be omnipotent. This 3D printed titanium leg fixator is very suitable for patients with leg injuries</ p>

10. Have careful Netizens found that the mirror has a tilt angle? In fact, this design is to make it easier for disabled people in wheelchairs to look at themselves in the mirror. I hope you will have more goodwill.

11. The rotatable TV wall allows you to watch your favorite TV programs at any time, whether in the living room or restaurant</ p>

12. Everyone has the experience of waiting for the bus. It’s really boring and anxious. The design of this bus stop makes waiting for a bus an interesting thing</ p>

13. The special design of the store layout imitates some special floors, so that customers can really feel the comfort of shoes on various roads</ p>

14. The design is very suitable for small family. The chair with backrest can be hidden in the table, which greatly saves space</ p>

15. Hotel toiletries designed in Braille are convenient for the blind to distinguish</ p>



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