15 photos that are suspected to have been processed by PS, but they are actually real!

as we all know, with the powerful function of PS, photos can be changed at will to show interesting effects. But there are so many photos of PS that people can’t help leaving “sequelae” 3354. Even if they see a real photo, they will think it is PS because the picture is special. In fact, you don’t need the blessing of PS. You just need to find the right angle or choose a unique subject to take incredible photos. Just like these 15 photos, when I only share some of them with my friends, or photos of light, they all think these photos are “PS”, in fact, they are all true< br>

1. A skirt “broken” in two

at first glance, the model in the picture on the left seems to have been cut off. The picture is strange. When the camera turns to the scene on the right, people will find that it is because the part “disappeared out of thin air” is black, which is integrated with the background in the left picture, making people mistakenly think it has disappeared< br>

2. Kylin arm

such exaggerated Unicorn arms only appear in cartoons. However, in the real world, they are also real. The man in the picture is German professional mataix s ger Park Jung su. His right arm was born huge, and with professional training as a player, it gradually developed into what it is now< br>

3. Two overlapping faces

the girl’s face in the photo almost fainted. For a moment, she couldn’t tell which facial features were really hers. However, this is not the result of PS, but does the makeup look chaotic< br>

4. People floating in the air

With his hands on his back and a serious face, does the street man show his magic power? Don’t be too surprised. The fact is that there was a small pool of water near where he stood. From the picture, it looks like a shadow hanging on the ground after he floated up. Interested friends can also try to take such a picture by themselves</ span>

5. People falling off the cliff

at the edge of the cliff, a man slipped and another man reached out to hold him, but it was too late Don’t worry, this picture was actually taken on the flat ground. Turn this seemingly “frightening” picture 90 degrees and look at it again. You will find its mystery< br>

6. Marshmallow tree

the trees in this photo are not as luxuriant as people usually think. Its crown looks like a huge marshmallow. Although the “marshmallow tree” sounds a little sweet, it was actually formed when spiders took refuge in the tree during the flood period. This career is really a little sad< br>

7. Black house

in a row of brick red houses along the street, a pure black house suddenly appeared, which was very conspicuous. It’s hard to believe it’s not p’s. However, the fact is that the owner simply used his house for a performance art just because it was about to be demolished, leaving such a special photo< br>

8. Huge furniture

when I was a child, I often saw some descriptions of people who were narrowed down. Is this photo also based on a fairy tale? In fact, these furniture are sculptures created by artist Robert Therrien. The whole picture is taken in real life, which is very interesting< br>

9. Indoor fire

this is a “suspicious” fire—— There was no black smoke, the part on fire was not blackened, and the fire did not spread to the roof and other places. It turns out that this is because the setting sun shines on the glass, and the choice of shooting angle forms a fire like picture< br>

10. A shrinking girl

with PS, you can easily achieve the effect in the figure. However, this work is still a real photo taken on site. The giant jar in the photo is a sculpture on an Australian beach. When a little girl was walking on the handle of the pot, she was photographed by the photographer. The picture we see now is here< br>

11. Houses submerged in the grass

from the photos, it seems that the house is immersed in the grass, and it seems that it will disappear from the horizon in a while. In fact, the house is still upright. This is taken from the angle of the grass< br>

12. Giant crabs in the tropics

if I didn’t look carefully, I thought this crab was just a creative decoration, or it was made on purpose. Unexpectedly, such a big crab is real. It is the largest crab on land – coconut crab< br>

13. Two color cat

people are always suspicious of very rare or unheard of things, such as the slightly strange looking cat in the photo. This cat was born with two colors and different pupils, which can be said to be unique< br>

14. Fish in the fish

One shark is in the mouth of another shark. This photo looks incredible, but it is not difficult to understand the details. A fishing line tied to the mouth of a small fish is actually bait. What you really want to catch is the big fish that bit it</ span>

15. Cattle with huge horns

Such a huge horn is a good match for a cow’s head, but it’s not intentional. In fact, it is a kind of longhorn cattle. Its horns are very big. In addition, the ox head is close to the camera, so the effect is naturally a little strange</ span>

All kinds of things in the world dazzle people. After reading so many interesting photos, don’t easily label some incredible photos with “PS”. Many times, even the most ordinary things can be photographed by making good use of the shooting angle. Friends may as well try it</ span>



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