Are there any designs that seem subtle but are actually stupid?

A detail of the British m1908 army knife
At that time, the British military wanted to emphasize the function of thorn, so it developed such a cavalry knife with extremely specialized puncture force. The shape adopted the style of European fast sword. Those who have seen war horse should be impressed with this thing.

With a quick sword face, it looks like a Polish armor wearing sword. The actual usage is closer to a lance, so this thing is stupid and heavy. It can’t be a quick sword at all. Everything is designed for one purpose from head to toe: launching a lance charge with a saber. Those who have played riding and chopping fire and sword should still remember this kind of playing method, but the armor wearing sword in the game doesn’t know the reason. They can only hold their arms like a lance and often can’t reach the target.

< figcaption > koncerz, one of the signature weapons of Polish wing cavalry < / figcaption > < / figure >
The swift sword handle of m1908 is designed very appropriately and has a good grip. Although the hand guard plate is stupid, big and black, it has solid skin and excellent protection performance. Moreover, the position of the center of gravity is adjusted properly without waving. As long as you can lift it up on the horse’s back, you can give the opposite side a penetrating cool sword.

The problem is in this thumb slot. If this is really a swift sword, then this design will be a masterstroke, but unfortunately, as we just said, this thing is not suitable for dismounting. It is just a small lance with scabbard. When you hold the handle of the knife, naturally you can’t help but press your thumb into the slot, jump your horse and raise the knife at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour, and rush to the enemy. When you are killed, your thumb will be firmly connected to the hand guard plate. If you are lucky, you will only rub the skin of your hand in the finger slot. If you are unlucky, the hematoma at the fingertip will not be able to hold the knife, or the nail will be removed directly

< figcaption > American m1913, commonly known as Patton sword, refers to the shape of m1908, but it is much more beautiful. Patton, a rough man, has style and style in literature and art. I just don’t know if there is any improvement in the finger slot < / figcaption > < / figure >

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