Bad camera technology? PS as long as the later stage is good!

in the film age, every time you press the shutter, it is directly linked to money,

films and cameras were very precious at that time

so the basic skills of photographers in that era were very solid

the environment and parameters should be memorized firmly

of course, the current electronic shutter has reduced the cost to infinitely close to 0

so everyone has no scruples when pressing the shutter

coupled with the increasingly powerful software function in the later stage of image

therefore, we don’t care about the parameters, but take pictures first

What’s wrong? Adjust later

so now photography is inseparable from the later stage, and the concept of later stage guidance is particularly important

then how do Master Photographers lay a good foundation in the early stage and achieve a more perfect later stage</ Span > let’s learn from the masters

however, there is such a photographer in Mexico  Omah,he used a series of comparisons between the field before shooting and the film after shooting,vividly shows us

what is,

< strong > money is not enough, imagination comes together

for example, underwater photos that you think are comparable to movie posters, < br >

why should it be Island + advanced waterproof cover

can be photographed… Who would have thought:

the photographer and the model soak in the pool together, < br > the camera only uses a simple waterproof bag,next to the model is a passerby’s sister playing with water…for example,

it looks romantic and advanced

< strong > “kissing photos of passing cars in the rain”</ strong>

who would have thought that the shooting scene was on the roadside, not only is lightning false,even “rain” is a little brother lying on the roofpoured with mineral water bottle< br>

and this group is also incredible :

who would have thought the shooting scene was so crude and funny< br>even the background cloth is lifted manually,and one of the assistants also acts as a “hand model”, < br >

sure enough…

nothing is impossible, only unexpected

< strong > lie down on the lawn at will and take artistic photos < / strong > < br > overall, omah   With this”how to use the simplest venue to shoot ‘blockbusters'” < br >Photos of similar style, < br >

became popular on the Internet, < br >

especially the comparison of this group that gives people a full sense of surprise

so far,

Omah   On instagram account,

attracted nearly 120000 fans

, let’s feel the awesome brain of Omah! span>

< strong > dangerous romance? Just assemble it later ~ < / strong > shoot waste newspapers first, and then synthesizeavoid danger and expand the brain hole
< strong > you can’t have a more simple wooden fence… < / strong > in fact, life is full of inspirationshooting doesn’t necessarily have to go far awaywell known photographer Paul kapnigro said

within 50 steps of yourself, there must be scenery

so he went his own way, shooting

< strong > you are only one pipe away from “emotion”</ strong>
light the umbrella and water it out with a water pipe create a contrastis also a visual impact
< strong > the jungle elf girl was photographed in the parking lot… < / strong >
open the aperture, just kiss… coincidentally,   Omah   Shooting skills,reminds you of two other online photographers
-THE   Second-
one is a “spokesperson for low angle photography” < strong > Brazilian photographer Gilmar Silva, < / strong >in his world, it can be said thatthere is no location where the film cannot be produced,

only photographers who can’t bend down< br>

lower the camera,

he will show you a different world

upper: in pieces   Below: shooting scene
upper: in pieces   Below: shooting scene
above: below: shooting site
use the flash lamp to condense water droplets at high speed to create a dream spot < br >
left: shooting scene right: film

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