Can you say “P-diagram” in English? Don’t say “Photoshop Photo”! It will make foreigners laugh!

Can you say “P-diagram” in English? Don’t say “Photoshop Photo”! It will make foreigners laugh!

Usually, before we send a circle of friends, we basically have to open the retouching software, such as going to a certain show to “beauty” ourselves, and then we can rest assured to po the circle of friends and wait for likes.

Do you know how “p-chart” is said in English? Is it “Photoshop Photo”?

In fact, photoshop is not a verb, but now that people are getting lazier in their spoken language, it is simplified to this. It itself is just the name of a retouching software. So how should the “P diagram” in our mouth be translated accurately?

“P-Photo” is really not Photoshop Photo!

P-image is not “photoshop photo”! Photoshop is a noun, and it must not be put in front of a verb to modify photo, indicating that we can use photoshopped to retouch.


eg:It looks photoshopped, but this Magic Tap fountain actually has a pipe hidden in the stream of water. Looks like P-over, right? But this is the magic faucet fountain, and there is actually a pipe hidden in these streams.

“P picture” is not to beautify the photo~

We can also use beautify [ˈbjuːtɪfaɪ] to beautify photos, usually to mean that we use software to repair the “corners” of our faces, to ensure that the “flawless” self appears in the circle of friends, don’t use this word ~ eg: Nearly everyone will


beautify their photos before they post to social media.Almost everyone has their photo edited before sending it to social media.

What if it’s just a little p?

The above two words mostly refer to the use of Photoshop to make large changes to photos, if you want to express a small touch to the photo, most of them use retouch [ˌriːˈtʌtʃ], what does this mean? (especially for perfection) polishing, retouching, finishing.

There is also a more general expression: edit photo. Whether you are white or thin, or want to add text, stickers or filters, you can use edit oh~


eg:She retouched her make-up She retouched her makeup.

Each also contains elements, which provide URL links to view and edit the photo.Each in turn contains elements that provide URL links to view and edit this photo.

retouch refers to sorting out and adjusting exposure, beautify refers to meticulously beautifying the face, such as slimming the face, making the eyes bigger, everyone should pay attention to distinguish Oh~

How do you say “deception” in English?

There are more p pictures, and everyone shouts “deception” when they see me! So how do you say it in English? That’s right, flattering photo [ˈflætərɪŋ].

Flatter is a verb with “to make… to be pretty” means. So flattering photos are

photos that look more beautiful than yourself, which is what we often call “photo fraud” ~ eg:


There are lots of tutorials on the Internet that teach you how to take a flattering photo of yourself There are many tutorials on the Internet that will teach you how to take pictures of yourself.

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