Color psychology

Feelings of color
Red-warm, stimulating, warm
Yellow-neutral, noble, quieter
Green-neutral, vigorous, youthful, peaceful, quieter
Blue-gives people a sense of coldness, tranquility and profoundness
White-giving people a sense of purity, cleanliness, and desolation
Black-gives people a sense of dignity, simplicity and sadness
The warmth and coldness of color
Red, orange, and yellow are warm colors; the intermediate colors between purple, blue, cyan, green and warm colors give people a cool feeling. It’s cool.
Color weight
Colors with strong lightness feel light, colors with weak lightness feel heavy, which means that light colors feel lighter, and dark colors feel heavy.
Soft and hard color
Warm and bright colors feel soft and soft, and cool and dark colors feel hard and firm.
Color area
The dark color gives the impression of a small area.
Color space
Colors with stronger lightness feel far away, and colors with weaker lightness feel closer.
Color sense
Yellow, blue, and green give a sense of sourness, white, creamy yellow, and pink give a sense of sweetness, brown, dark green, and black give a sense of bitterness, and red gives a sense of spicy. Warm color series give people a warm and happy feeling: Cool color series give people a feeling of coolness, coldness and quietness. If the two colors are used together, the warm color will expand and move forward, and the cool color will shrink inward and move back. Understanding the color laws is of great practical value for choosing colors to highlight brand names.
Color association
White-innocence, clean, lively, white, snowflakes. In addition, in Chinese folklore, white also reminds people of sad things.
Black-silence, despair, misfortune, terror, silence, seriousness. In addition, it feels solemn.
Gray-moderate, ordinary, gentle, modest, unfair.
Red-sun, flame, emergency, blood, celebration, enthusiasm, love, vitality, and danger.
Orange-yang, positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic. In addition, there is fraud and jealousy.
Yellow-hope, wealth, authority, brilliance, wisdom, gold, happiness.
Green-vegetation, peace, environmental protection, growth, health, nature, and quiet.
Cyan-honesty, composure, ocean, vast, long-lasting, passive, and wise.
Purple-elegant, noble, magnificent, mysterious, eternal, uneasy, bold.
Golden-reputation, wealth and loyalty.
Silver-faith, wealth, purity.

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