Essential qualities for online image processing

1. Observation ability
Observation is a conscious and planned activity in the perception of logo designers. Lu Xun once said: “If you create, you must first observe.” If memory is the basis of planning, then observation is the key to planning. After the logo designer accepts the advertising commission, the investigation and research on the market products and consumer groups is an important means to grasp the successful process of the logo. Observation is a process from thinking to recognizing practice to observing and recognizing, from vivid intuition to abstract thinking, and from abstract thinking to practice. This is the dialectical way to know the truth and know the objective reality.
2. Thinking ability
Thinking ability is the ability of a logo designer to think about objective things. Thinking is an objective phenomenon. It provides a broad space for creation. There are many types of thinking, mainly abstract thinking and phenomenological thinking. The thinking process is the process of the designer’s analysis and synthesis of objective things. Through abstract thinking, remove the rough and the essence, remove the false and keep the truth, leave the essential things, discard the non-essential things, and find the understanding of the nature and regularity of objective things. After analysis, comprehensive abstraction, generalization, and then make judgments and inferences, this is the indispensable thinking ability for designers to understand objective things. Phenomenal thinking is a way of thinking to grasp human phenomena and to understand the world, and it is a type of thinking in the stage of human understanding of’nursing awareness. Abstract thinking seems to be a concept-centric thinking activity. Therefore, the entire thinking process is a process of refinement, in which images and typical artistic concepts are created.
3. Innovation ability
Innovation is the core part of the smart structure of a logo designer. Creativity-centric is the soul of logo design. Innovation ability refers to the ability to come up with new ideas, new moods, and come up with new images and new methods in logo design activities. The basic purpose of modern signs is to create image, create benefits, and create the future. Therefore, innovation ability occupies an important position in the intelligent structure of the entire logo designer.

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