Four photography skills teach you to hold “speed and passion”

have you been shocked by the scenes of speed and passion? Cool flying cars and thrilling fighting scenes, how can car fans, movie fans and speed fans miss it! So how can we not only grasp the essence of motion photography, but also reflect the visual impact of speed? We have summarized four photography techniques, and taught you to hold “speed and passion” hand in hand.

technique 1: extend the exposure time

suppose you want to shoot a moving train with a forest in the background. You can blur the main body of the train and keep the woods clear. The advantage of this is to highlight the speed of the train. What you have to do is slow down the shutter speed + use a tripod. This technique is often used to shoot night scenes of cities</ span>

technique 2: shake

the train is still used as an example. This time, the moving train will remain clear and the woods will be blurred. Similar to the first technique, you also need to use a slow shutter, but this time you no longer need a tripod. What you need to do is to follow the moving subject to shake your camera</ span>

the characteristic of shake shooting is that it focuses on the static part, follows the subject by shaking the lens, and shows its sense of speed. When using this shooting technique, you need to set the camera to the shutter priority mode, and then use a slower shutter speed, generally 1/30 second or 1/60 second. The camera should follow the subject and move with its motion to achieve the effect of clear subject and fuzzy background. Shake shooting is a skill that requires hard work. You can usually try to follow a moving object to shake your camera</ span>

another method of shake shooting is to blur both the subject and the background. This technique is often applied to pictures with sharp color contrast and rich gray scales in the shadow. For example, the bullfight shot by Spanish photographer Ricardo B Sanchez</ span>

technique 3: high speed photography

high speed photography is the art of freezing time. In the eyes of many people, it means that the shutter speed should be high. It’s not just that. In flash photography, whether or not the movement moment of a high-speed object can be solidified is related not only to the shutter speed of the camera, but also to the flash time of the flash lamp. When taking this kind of photography, most of them need a set of high-speed lighting system, which uses acousto-optic induction to achieve wireless lighting for shooting</ span>

technique 4: action synthesis

use the continuous shooting function to shoot a series of actions and take multiple exposures, or put them in the same picture in the post-processing of the picture. Tripod is indispensable for shooting this subject</ span>

well, after reading the four techniques we introduced, do you have your own idea for dynamic shooting</ span>



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