Graphic design-my experience after three years in the industry

If God gave me a chance to come back again, I would still choose graphic design.

1. Graduating without learning and skill
I come from an ordinary second school. I was crazy about LOL during school. I never went to professional courses. I just got confused and passed my homework. When I was about to graduate, I passively joined the group specializing in book binding, so my graduation project could only be book binding, which forced me to get started in indesign and survived graduation.

My biggest feeling is that practice is the only criterion for testing truth. In practice, things in design are learned naturally.

2. New to the workplace depends on luck
I took my graduation project and looked for a job in our small city. At that time, the average salary of fresh graduates was 2,000 yuan, and you were not required in many places.

Print shop: I interviewed a print shop, which is the kind of copy printing on the street, and the boss inside asked me to make a business card with CDR. The red and green one has a three-dimensional square on it. I didn’t hold it for a long time. After doing it, the boss told me that you are not suitable for this job, and I left in a desperate manner. Yes, I was too nervous.

Outdoor advertiser: Later, I was interviewed by an outdoor advertising company and showed my graduation design. The salary was 2000. After doing it for a day, I left because an old man asked me to put the train tower peony flowers together.

Plastic surgery hospital: In the end, I went to a plastic surgery hospital. During the interview, I took out a three-folded page for me to evaluate. I found a small problem after searching for a long time. I said that the above form is a double page. If the crease is too deep, put it on the form. The content of is covered, which affects the reading, if I want to do it, I will type this form on one page. Then I was admitted with a monthly salary of 3000. Later, I learned that this tri-folding page was made by designing 1K outside.

On the whole, compared with the classmates who graduated in the same period, this salary is considered acceptable, and there is a certain element of luck, such as the company is just the right person. There are also industry reasons. A company’s monthly turnover of 100W and monthly turnover of 5W are not comparable. Therefore, choosing a profiteering industry will naturally lead to higher wages, which will be discussed later.

3. Repeated job-hopping to increase wages
I am a restless person. After working for about half a year, I left my job and jumped to a company that is a community. The company has been unprofitable and then jumped to an e-commerce company, because there is no five insurances and one fund, I jumped to a food company. Doing packaging, and finally jumped to the house and squatted to do freelance work. The salary has doubled, and the third-tier cities make hard money. It’s hard to ask whether it’s okay to quit. Some friends get a raise by hopping, and some friends get a raise by doing a good job. It’s really hard to say.

4. Sum up experience and avoid entering the pit
1. Like and improvise

If you really like designing, it is recommended to go to Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to develop as soon as you graduate. Although it was a bit bitter at the beginning, you can quickly improve yourself after suffering. You can invade yourself for a few years in a masterful environment, even if you return to your hometown. It was also started by the director. Therefore, going to the first-tier cities to develop is equivalent to gilding, and I look at this very much here.

If you don’t like design and want to quit, it is recommended to find a career you are interested in first and then slowly change. Especially remember one sentence, no matter it is design, new media, sales, operations, personnel, customer service, it is actually just a gear, a nail in the entire company, your nail is broken, just pull it out and replace it. If you want to make a lot of money, you must have the ability to be a hammer and a wrench. So don’t ignore any department and keep learning. Maybe one day you become your own boss, and those things that seemed useless before will come in handy.

2. Choose the right industry

To find a job, you must choose a profiteering industry, or an industry with development prospects. To give a simple example, the Internet, medical beauty, and night markets are very profitable. The Internet can be used for financing, and there are constant plastic surgery patients. And what are the sunset industries? Paper media (typesetting newspapers), small printing shops (low-end designs have no future). Maybe everyone took a 3K+ at the beginning, but after a year, look at it, maybe the newspaper publishing house will be closed, and the profiteering industry is still profitable, and your wages will go up. In summary, when choosing an industry, we must look at the current state of the industry, and we must choose a sunrise industry, the more promising the better.

3. Bragging and job-hopping

Very often, job-hopping is the only way for us to increase salaries. Please try to collect works and projects that can prove your strength. Talk to the interviewer about everything you can bring to the company, even if the time can’t be done. As long as it’s not something that is too bad or outrageous, even if you don’t know how to brag, when you really encounter this problem, you will be forced to solve it, and you will do it. If you don’t force yourself, you will not Know how much you hold.

4. Packaging design

Pull it out alone and talk about it. Now everyone is doing a lot of the Internet, and a lot of printed materials are packaged for printing plants. I have done packaging design in one of my jobs and talked about my feelings during work.

Printed materials are really difficult to do, especially packaging design. Everyone think about it, I will make a poster on the Internet, if I make a mistake, I can change it again off the assembly line. What about the packaging? One printing is tens of thousands of copies. If you make a mistake, you can wait for compensation. Therefore, the pressure to make printed materials is great. Of course, good packaging design is also very powerful and very profitable. I just remind friends who want to enter the printing industry, especially the packaging, there are really many requirements for details, for example, the height of the net content is limited, and we do food, the R&D department always entangles their nutritional composition table, change countless times. This may be a problem for our company, but remind everyone that printed matter is more mind-blowing than the Internet under normal circumstances.

5. The last thing I want to say
Every industry has people who can make big money, and every industry has people who really love. Everyone’s life meaning is different. Friends who really love design, please keep creating, you will always be here. , Friends who feel that design is hard to make money, please take the time and persevere, find the profession you really want to pursue, and the knowledge of design will help you.


If God gave me a chance to come back again, I would still choose graphic design.

Because he allows me to see different worlds from different perspectives.

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