How about the salary of graphic design?

Now many small partners are doing graphic design. Whether it is a junior high school graduate or a college student, there are a lot of people in this industry. So, what exactly is graphic design, and how much salary can you get after you learn it?

Graphic design needs to know the software

Graphic design is simply a graphic design thing. There is no 3D and no internal structure can be seen. We collectively call it graphic design. The software that needs to know generally includes the following:

1. PS, this is a picture processing software, for general post-processing, retouching, and matting, it has a strong processing ability. General graphic design needs a software, and it is not too difficult to learn.

2. The CDR software CorelDRAW, I believe many graphic design partners know that it is used by advertising shops and design companies on the streets. It is a vector drawing software suitable for typesetting, picture album, and printing design.

3. AI, please pay attention here. This AI refers to Adobe Illustrator, not to artificial intelligence AI. This software is also a vector drawing software, suitable for various types of layouts, albums, and printing. The best thing is that it is also produced by Adobe, which is very compatible with some files in PS. It is very convenient when used with PS.

After learning these three softwares, you can basically go to some common advertising companies to engage in graphic design. So, let’s take a look at the salary of graphic design.

Graphic design salary

Let’s take Guangzhou as an example: other regions can refer to local recruitment websites on their own;

E-commerce art: salary is 4-6K, about 6-8K. Many friends do not agree that this is a graphic design, but it is undeniable that this is also a type of graphic design. It is the description and home page of the various detail pages you see.

Guangzhou Artist Salary

Graphic design: This includes some printed graphics, or some design companies. Generally speaking, the salary of these graphic design is about 3000-8000. Generally speaking, few people can get 8,000, most of them are around 4,000.

There are some other jobs, such as photo studio retouching, printing plant layout, UI design, etc. These are also graphic design, I will not list them one by one.

Seeing this, I believe many keyboard guys, and many people are very dissatisfied with the salary I said. I can only say that this represents only the salaries of many ordinary graphic designers. That’s it. The data of various recruitment websites are also displayed here. Of course, there must be graphic designers who can earn 10,000, 20,000, or even millions of annual salaries, but what proportion of this high salary? I don’t know.

Why are so many people engaged in graphic design

1. The threshold is low. For a general graphic design company, to recruit a graphic designer, basically you don’t need to look at academic qualifications, you only need to be proficient in software.

2. The work may be more decent and relaxed than others. Compared with some waiters, or security guards, express delivery, graphic design is also decent, and there is no need for wind and rain, and no hard work in the office.

3. There are a lot of training courses, and all kinds of graphic design crash courses are all over the street. An ordinary person only needs two to three months of training, and he can easily go out and find an ordinary job.

What kind of experience is it to be engaged in graphic design

Whether it is a large company or a small company, everyone has a different aesthetic. Maybe you feel very satisfied with the work you have made, but the client just doesn’t think it works. Various repeated modifications may drive you crazy. Assembling materials, making drawings, and changing drawings constantly every day is probably the experience of graphic design.

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