How strong is the p-graph technique of the strong man? Women’s online celebrities are willing to bow down

now everyone can’t live without their mobile phones. In their spare time, they will take out their mobile phones and brush the video, and the handsome guys and beautiful women in the video have always been filled with your mobile phone screen</ span>

why do you seldom see beautiful and handsome men in real life, but you catch a lot of them in the video</ Span > < span > that’s because our videos have beauty effects. Most ordinary people will p themselves into beautiful men through beauty filters and various p-graph technologies</ span>

many people think that only girls and female netizens are interested in p-chart. In fact, boys are not inferior to girls in p-chart, even better than girls</ span>

especially for fitness people, it is difficult to practice by yourself if you want to have strong male muscles. You can p out with a slight move of your small hand</ span>

if you don’t believe it, the current p-graph software is really powerful. The p-graph technology of the strong men has also defeated many netizens. When these strong men start, they are the only ones with the title of “contemporary Nuwa”. Don’t believe it</ span>

how strong is the p-graph technology of the strong man? Netizens are willing to bow down after watching it. Netizens call directly: Contemporary Nuwa

for fitness people, in order to make their bodies better and more attractive, they will also add hundreds of millions of details to their bodies with their hands< br>

and to this extent, there is nothing wrong as long as you can’t see a real person</ span>

you can see that this p-chart software and technology is simply too 6. Where you want to be thin, where you want to have muscles, where you want to have muscles, where you want to have lines, there are lines</ span>

you see, this big brother learned the essence of it. It’s too easy to become a strong man. You can do it with your small hands. Why bother sweating in the gym</ span>

once this kind of photo is posted on the Internet, I don’t know how many girls lick the screen</ span>

although I don’t produce muscle, I’m a muscle porter. I copy other people’s muscle bodies directly to myself through p-graph technology, and a new generation of muscle men was born< br>

let’s take a look at this strong Unicorn arm, which is Jushi Johnson. After watching it, everyone is willing to lose. With P-map software in hand, it easily changes the arm circumference from 30+ to 50+</ span>

let’s see how big the change is before and after the P chart? Before the P-picture is a greasy little fat house, and after the P-picture, it becomes a powerful muscular man</ span>

“before p-chart, you ignore it, and after p-chart, you can’t climb up.”</ strong>

the strong man’s figure is already very good, but he is still not satisfied. For fitness men, there is no biggest one, only bigger. They practice Olympic muscles in one second. </span > < strong > the Ministry of science and technology can only change their appearance and figure</ strong>

inverted triangle shoulder, pumpkin pointed Unicorn arm, this is the standard figure of fitness men. What if you can’t practice it? Teach you a p-graph technique, and you can learn it in a second. The circumference is as big as you want</ span>

finally, coupled with cool sunglasses, the temperament immediately changed. This handsome muscle man, the rich woman was moved when she saw him</ span>

after seeing it, netizens shouted, “this is contemporary Nuwa. The pinching technology is much better than Nuwa.”</ span>

I don’t forget to show my P-shaped muscles in the gym. I want to say that this guy’s P-shaped technique is a little bad. This proportion is too uneven. Did you forget P-shaped head? Isn’t this a muscular little head dad</ span>

this photo is too fake. Netizens can see at a glance that the elevator is deformed, and the billboard in the elevator is also deformed</ span>

I want to say are these guys transformers</ span>

why are muscle men more interested in P-charts? Muscle men who insist on fitness should be more confident. Why are they so vain and unsure</ span>

of course, not all fitness people like P-charts. Some people just make money under the guise of fitness. Many girls keep posing in the gym. Netizens roast about fitness for five minutes and posing for two hours</ span>

in fact, many boys are the same in the gym. The reason for this is just to be a little hot on the Internet and to meet that little bit of vanity</ span>

see here, do you still believe in the muscle man on the Internet</ span>


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