How to take photos of flowers, learn from him

Photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne, who has only photography in his life, is very creative.

Two ordinary photos can be combined into a creative picture full of imagination, and it is also a very good commercial advertisement. , , , , , , , , ,

As a photographer, in order to meet the requirements of Party A’s father, he has learned various skills, such as PS synthesis of fantasy pictures:



Or use C4D to make some fantastic particle models:


The creativity of this set of photography is really a bit special. He specially invited professional dancers to pose some dynamic poses, and then made these models in C4D to match the dancers’ movements.


This is simply crazy, handsome and dick. Is there anything?



In addition to using PS, C4D and other software, he will also point nonsensical devices to express the picture in his mind, such as the visual effect of basketball dribbling in our common comics, which will draw the trajectory of the ball. . Based on this inspiration, the following photography works:


Isn’t it funny? From this, it seems that this guy used to read comics a lot before, so he has such a form of expression. Counting the above set of works, you have seen 3 forms in total, right? Maybe you didn’t expect that he still has a moth, that is, the shooting of miniature scenes.

The above two pictures are said to be photographed works. Maybe you don’t believe them? It doesn’t matter, release their layout and you will believe it.


Compositing, 3D, miniature sets are all forms of photography applications I can think of, and he has high-quality work. It is simply a person who has nothing but photography in his life.







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