How to work part-time as an artist to make pictures more real and beautiful

How to make pictures more real and beautiful? Today, will share with you some tips on how to make pictures more real and beautiful when working as a part-time artist. Mastering these skills can bring more click-through rates and higher conversions to the store, so everyone must pay attention to it!

Some tips on how to make pictures more real and beautiful in part-time art work​
How does a part-time artist process the pictures more real and beautiful?
1. The skills of picture size setting in mobile Wish shop decoration
When working as a part-time artist, the pictures on the PC side are not processed and placed in the Wish shop on the mobile side. This is a common problem for many people. They think this can save time, but the conversion rate is greatly reduced. How to set the picture when making the size of the main decoration picture of the Wish shop on the mobile phone? The problem with the decoration picture requirements on the mobile phone mainly lies in the shop decoration and baby details. The size and size of each picture on the baby details are limited. When designing the picture, we must consider the limitations of the picture. In addition, we need to reduce the memory size of the picture as much as possible on the premise of ensuring the completeness and clarity of the picture.
Second, the color matching skills of mobile Wish shop decoration pictures
Decoration picture color is also difficult for many part-time artists to master, decoration color can have a certain impact on consumers’ psychology. That is, if the visual experience is good, the conversion rate will be high, and the visual experience will be poor, and the natural conversion rate will also be affected. Therefore, the decoration color matching of the mobile phone shop is very important. So if we control the color of the decoration of the mobile phone shop
1. For the purpose of attracting attention, high brightness or high purity colors can be used to improve the user’s visual experience. Whether many products are sold or not depends on the first-sighted visual presentation of the baby.
2. Contrasting colors can be used in places that need to be highlighted to play a role in contrast. We can also use the contrast to make stratification, highlight the main part, and allow consumers to obtain important information in time.
3. Don’t have too many colors. It is recommended not to exceed three. Pay attention to the uniform style.
Three, part-time art artist mobile phone Wish shop decoration composition skills
(1) Part-time artists should pay attention to the effect of the main picture after zooming in, be clear, and make the zoomed effect consistent with the real thing. After all, online shopping is visual marketing that can only look at pictures.
(2) Pay attention to the picture elements to be concise enough, the display picture of the store baby, the overall color of the store, the font copywriting used, etc.
(3) Pay attention to the display content to be prominent. Due to the small size of the mobile phone page, the information carried on the page cannot be too much. We need to add some human colors and pictures with role guidance.

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