How wild can the online photoshop master be? Just look at it!

the magical nature, can always give us unexpected surprises, and to find these, you need a pair of bright eyes

Monica Carvalho of Germany, is always happy and practicing a unique color playing method here he likes to use collage, closely piece together two things that are different from each other


works with big brain holes, let people lament the infinite imagination, and lament the cycle and repetition of the world




when buildings become piano keys, there is always an illusion that you can play the movement of nature with your hands


an inconspicuous winding path, can perfectly fit with mice


no one can think that the face of the antelope can be combined with the plane


someone said: there is no shortcut in life, every step counts Monica perfectly interprets this sentence with this picture. after thinking about how to go and stepping out, can’t go back to the previous step


Monica likes to use a part of her body, associate it with life, those scenes that she doesn’t pay attention to the contour curve of the body, looks like a part of the guitar


some people always compare eyes to water, because they are as clear and thorough as water


through this collage method, he can always make some new tricks continuously, there is no doubt that he can even piece together the whole world


soft white clouds, combined with ice cream cone, there is no sense of contradiction


seductive and sexy red lips, deserve a cup of haunting dry red


it doesn’t matter if you’re hungry, and French fries covered with ketchup


conch left on the beach, is the ear of the sea, otherwise, why can you hear the sound of waves when you get close to it


Monica’s creative collage has attracted a lot of attention< Br > has posted less than 300 posts, and has attracted the attention of nearly 100000 people< br>



monica is keen to find the same color in life he is often deeply involved in this game eyes are the most beautiful place for a person, because in the eyes, there is a romantic sky


in addition to the sky, it can also hold the vast sea ! lipstick is a necessary artifact for every girl, and is even more popular than a bag that can cure all diseases< Br > with nature, what cosmetics do you buy it takes time to do hair, but hair dyeing is popular don’t worry, don’t worry, the sea is your best hair dye


the popular splicing style, can play imagination effortlessly don’t stick to rules and regulations, as long as you dare to think, don’t worry about playing no new tricks




paper people only appear in science fiction films, can also create< br>


deep brown eyes, with a chocolate cake


the peach heart of playing cards, has become a flaming red lip


may just be a fleeting idea, may also be a combination of racking your brains, these things that cannot be hit by eight poles, from a single thing to fragmentation, and then to complete unity


these seemingly simple combinations, in Monica , seem to open thousands of worlds


but for such a creative form, some people express their incomprehension, even feel that giving up the object as it is, loses its original meaning, even hurts elegance after reading his works, I found that such evaluation was really inappropriate


in his works, all clarify a fact to us: in nature and life, there are many details and beauties that we haven’t found and notice


a pencil that can be seen everywhere, who can think of its perfect integration with architecture clothes that open the chain, is like opening a submarine channel


buildings in the distance become a belt after is pulled in< br>


in fact, in the final analysis, human beings are also a part of this nature where there are people, there is life sometimes within reach, is often ignored by us< br>


All the combinations of , were unexpected at first glance, suddenly realized after hesitation, took it for granted after understanding this is the fun


Owen · Goffman once said that has a deep memory, and is regarded as creed of life: life is like a play, but you are not a puppet, but an actor with independent personality, your every performance is a re creation of the life

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