Is there a future for studying art now? What are the benefits

When we usually watch TV and movies, the painters we see generally have a miserable life. It feels that these people are painting day and night in their chaotic house, and they are often worried about their livelihoods, and they are often driven out by the landlord if they don’t agree with each other. In real life, there are indeed many fine arts students who cannot find a job after graduation and still need support from home. As a result, many students who are in general cultural classes and have a little interest in fine arts dare not learn fine arts for fear that they will have no future. In fact, it is said that the future of learning is determined by the general trend and the general environment, and now it is the spring of art students.

Studying fine arts can broaden employment

“In the future, studying fine arts will only paint, and will not be able to do anything else.” I believe this is what many of us have heard from our parents. However, this has been an extremely one-sided understanding of the last century. Nowadays, the times have long been different, and society has a large demand for art students. There are many open positions, and the future is good. It can be said that as long as it is a design work, people who have a foundation in art are needed. Like environmental art design, decoration art design, interior design, graphic design, animation design, jewelry design, clothing design and dyeing design, stage art design, lighting design, game design, etc., almost every company needs to be equipped with a design division. In particular, the rapid development of the game industry makes the market for designers needed by the game industry extremely large, and the future of studying fine arts is huge. Moreover, digital painting (that is, drawing creation on a computer hand-painted board) is now popular, and the salary for entry is around 5,000-8,000. It is very common to work for one or two years and earn more than 10,000 yuan a month. All of these make the prospect of studying fine art very impressive.

Studying fine arts makes employment more advantageous

Many people are currently engaged in jobs that have nothing to do with their majors, so there are also many art graduates who are not engaged in major-related jobs. But even if they are not engaged in art work, more units are still willing to accept students who have a foundation in art and a skill, because their overall quality, appreciation ability, aesthetic ability, and practical ability have been greatly improved in the process of art learning. .

Therefore, in the current environment, learning art is quite promising. Studying fine arts can comprehensively improve one’s observation, imagination, creativity, as well as the perception and appreciation of beauty. At the same time, it has an inestimable effect on the cultivation of a person’s personality and the improvement of his personality.

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