Photography, determine the key focus – 10 rules

when shooting, we must cultivate

clear the good habit of choosing focus</ span>

in this way, the subject of shooting will be defined,

how to determine the focus subject</ span>

here are ten key focus rules:

I. When shooting close-up of characters: eyes are the key focus</ strong>

close up photos of characters, usually in the form of

half length photos with the face as the focus</ span>

such photos need to achieve

the purpose of depicting characters’ characteristics and even their hearts</ span>

eyes are the first choice of focus when shooting close-up of characters</ span>

when the character faces the camera directly,

at this time, both eyes are on the same plane,

so you can focus on any eye:

but such a view will be too flat,

then looks ordinary, so most photographers

will take the half side of the character for framing shooting</ span>

at this time, people’s eyes will be in the front and back position,

at this time, the eye close to the camera should be the focus,

focus shooting. Because of its location

is obviously more important than the back eyes</ span>

II. When shooting a full body portrait of a person: the head is the important focus</ strong>

when shooting portraits including the whole body of people and environmental portraits,

we can’t focus precisely on the human eye.

then, the key to quickly and easily select the focus,

focus on the head of the character</ span>

whether it is to express the action or posture of the character,

facial features are the key in the picture</ span>

people’s every move is controlled by their mind.

therefore, the head will become the center that affects the whole body</ span>

when shooting, we can use

focus on the person’s face or head,

then when the character’s whole body posture reaches the ideal state,

quickly re compose and shoot</ span>

III. taking photos of people and environment:

it is better to focus on people

such photos include simple travel commemorative photos and

documentary photography and commercial advertising photography</ span>

photos of people and environment

is the most vivid and difficult to shoot</ span>

but whether people are the main body or the foil,

most of these photos are

people as the focus,

because compared with those mountains and rivers that do not move or move slowly,

people are the most active and emotional</ span>

of course, shoot with people as the focus,

you should also pay attention to the depth of field to control the virtual and real changes of the environment,

if you simply want people and scenery to be clear,

you can use a small aperture to obtain a large depth of field</ span>

IV. when shooting group photos:

find key people and determine the focus</ strong>

when shooting in front of a group of people,

we are often disturbed by people who are constantly changing,

don’t know where to focus,

and missed many wonderful group photos</ span>

in fact, the easiest way is to find

focus on a key person and track and focus</ span>

at the same time, keep paying attention with the residual light of your eyes

the dynamics of other characters, when other characters and

when the position relationship of key figures reaches harmony and unity,

press the shutter to shoot</ span>

v. plant shooting: choose flowers as the focus</ span>

flowers are undoubtedly on the beads

the most attractive and beautiful part</ span>

therefore, it is not difficult to understand that flowers are the most important part of plant photography

the most common focus selection</ span>

but when we face a cluster of flowers,

which flower should be chosen as the focus</ span>

first of all, we should consider the most characteristic one,

such as the most beautiful,

or different from other flowers in color</ span>

then, we can observe,

select one that is slightly higher than other flowers,

or a flower close to the lens</ span>

through these methods, we can

highlight this flower,

make it an interesting center of the picture</ span>

VI. close range shooting of flowers:

the focus should be on the stamen</ strong>

close up of flowers,

the focus should clearly fall on the flower core</ span>

now zoom in on the close-up of the flower, and the original

the petals with bright colors are the foil in most cases,

and the delicate stamens in the flower core

with extremely regular arrangement, it becomes an attractive place</ span>

it should be noted that in the pictures taken with macro,

the focus is usually clear,

other places will have different degrees of virtualization</ span>

even after focusing, due to flowers or camera

any slight movement will cause the loss of focus,

and there is nothing clear in the picture</ span>

therefore, the tripod used for shooting

it is very important to be in a calm environment</ span>

VII. When shooting parts of the mountain: you can select

prominent trees or rocks are the focus</ strong>

when shooting a part of a mountain with a long focal length lens,

we are usually attracted by some feature of the mountain:

for example, a tree on the grass slope in autumn

golden birch, or convex rock</ span>

select these obvious features as the focus,

not only can you focus quickly,

it is also helpful for us to think about composition</ span>

it should be noted that if we

when the part taken is on the shadow side of the mountain,

due to the weak contrast of the scenery,

it often causes camera auto focusing errors,

at this time, you should focus at the place with high contrast,

help the camera focus</ span>

VIII. When shooting a panoramic view of the mountains: focus on the highest peak</ strong>

when we took panoramic photos of a majestic mountain range,

it is better to choose the highest peak of the mountain

shoot with focus, such as the main peak of the mountain</ span>

since it is the farthest place from the camera,

therefore, the camera is required to focus at infinity,

also known as infinite focus</ span>

select the photos taken through such focus,

can most clearly depict

the main peak and other peaks of the continuous mountains,

show their magnificence</ span>

without clear focus selection,

it is often because the camera mistakenly focuses

on a branch or something in the foreground,

causes the mountains to blur</ span>

IX. when photographing broad grasslands: you can choose houses,

focus on the turning points of cattle, sheep, trees or rivers</ strong>

photographing grassland is probably the simplest and most complicated thing</ span>

simple auto focus shooting, small photos look

it seems that all the scenery is very clear,

but when you zoom in, you will find that

the key points in the photo are blurred,

this is the most annoying thing</ span>

so when shooting, be sure to develop

clear the good habit of choosing focus</ span>

on the endless grassland,

a lonely tree or a group of cattle, etc.

are both good focal points and key points of the picture</ span>

clear description of them,

is far more important than the infinite grassland</ span>

and the focus is like a winding river on the grassland,

the most variable should be selected,

or the nearest turning</ span>

X. when shooting buildings:

you can select a door or window as the focus</ strong>


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