“PhotoShop” to color black and white photos

Looking for fading memories, wake up the sleeping past.With the power of design, let those black and white years glow again~

< span > tutorial renderings

< strong > step 01 add selection

Use the quick selection tool to select the range of the person’s skin and adjust the edge.


< strong > step 02 skin coloring

Change the blending mode of skin color layer to color, and use color level layer to fine tune the light dark relationship.


< strong > step 03 screen coloring

Repeat the first two steps to color the dress and background. Pay attention to adjust the edges more carefully where the colors intersect.


< strong > step 04 available colors < / strong >

Add an optional color adjustment layer to fine tune the overall tone of the screen to make it more comfortable.


< strong > step 05 camera raw filter

Use camera raw filter to further adjust and add high contrast retaining filter.


< span > < strong > final rendering


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