Removes the background commonly used tools to share

1. Drawing tools

Lasso tool
Multilateral Lasso Tool
magnetic lasso tool
Quick selection tool
Magic wand tool
Eraser Tool
Background Eraser Tool
Magic Eraser tool
Zoom tool
The above is a more popular tool for drawing

2 hair foreground button picture

New — open the material prepared before — on the basis of the original image — create two or more copies with Ctrl + J
Cover the eyes of layer 0 – select the color of the highlight from the background color (put it to see the thinner hair) – press Ctrl + delete
Select layer 0 copy 2 – “protect foreground color” — < strong > change foreground color to hair color, change background color to hair surrounding color < / strong > — background eraser — auxiliary toolbar adjustable eraser size (sampling is divided into three types: continuous, once, background palette)
In order to button the hair more accurately, we can use the zoom tool

Wipe the part that needs to be removed – close the copy – eyes of the background – Ctrl + s storage – name – change to JPEG format – finish
The following is the rendering
Remarks: 1. Fill the background with Ctrl + delete
2. CTRL + Shift + I select inversely
3. In addition to the title of the bold, is the most important step to button hair

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