What are Apple’s particularly stupid designs, such as iPhone?

The charging posture of apple mouse can’t be used when charging

SMS can not be sent by switching between primary and secondary cards freely.
The same contact does not delete the old SMS record. Up to now, I don’t know how to switch the card to send SMS

I’m a little angry today. After jobs died, was it all designed by that ass? The author has a 2018 Mac that was improperly used some time ago. The main version burned, and then the warranty said that the mainboard was broken and had to be replaced. I said to replace it. Then I told me that the data had to be thrown away, so I fucked, because suddenly, many important things were not backed up! Then I said patiently, the motherboard is broken. What do you mean by losing data to me? Even if the hard disk is broken, I can get most of the data back by looking for data recovery personnel. Then Apple’s design makes my brain hole wide open. In order to be thinner and encircle money, this group of B raised directly welded the hard disk to the motherboard! It can’t be expanded as before, just to sell the high configuration version at the so-called high price. Therefore, the current data is bound to the motherboard, that is, bound to the computer! Once the motherboard is broken, or the machine cannot be started, it cannot be repaired, and all data is lost!
At that time, I scolded, saying that your designer came up with a plan with his ass? Labor and capital use your products, and you bind labor and capital data. He also plausibly said, isn’t it the same if your mobile phone breaks down? But fuck it. If the mobile phone is broken, most of them can be recovered with data. In addition, you are a notebook for office. How many confidential documents do you have? Can you put it on the cloud? I’ve been using PCs and other notebooks for 20 or 30 years. I’ve had a lot of problems and basically haven’t lost anything. Because the hard disk and other parts are independent, you Apple think of a trick with your ass!
My mother’s Apple phone, then remembered the wrong unlock password and locked it.
You have entered the wrong password too many times. It is locked. You need to connect to iTunes.
Connecting to iTunes to unlock will reset the phone (fool 1).
All right, reset.
Reset the request to enter the unlock code. Fortunately, you entered it correctly this time.
Apple ID required.
Then my mother couldn’t remember the Apple ID and barely remembered the QQ email.
Because I worked in other places, she didn’t remember her mobile phone password, and the password in her Notepad was displayed incorrectly.
Then the brain damage happened.
Enter the ID and forget the password.
Enter the ID again (? I just entered it in vain?)
The trusted mobile phone is the mobile phone, and the verification code passes automatically.
Then ask for the password (???? I remember the password. Why did I forget the password????)
Then the ID is locked, and it takes 1 day to unlock the information.
The way to accelerate is to use another iPhone device.
Huh? To protect privacy, just use another device?
I reset my phone. Can I expose my privacy with a chicken feather?
And if another device also needs a password, isn’t it a dead cycle?
What’s my cell phone number and secret mailbox for?
Well, the price of entering the wrong password is to lose all information,
Even if it can be recovered, what can I do without a computer and iTunes?
It’s common for old people not to remember passwords, and it’s also common not to back them up,
These stupid settings above clearly don’t want the elderly to use apples? If you enter the wrong password, you’ll die, right?
Bank cards, WeChat Alipay all need to be reinvented, and there are other uses that do not know how to recover.
How inconvenient and dangerous is it for the elderly to use their mobile phones? Don’t say you don’t know it’s an old man. The age of the interface for looking for ID is clear.
Not to mention being forcibly locked by bear children.
In such a large company, can touchid not be used to help unlock the problem of entering the wrong password? unsafe? Then why can payment support?
Users have no right to make mistakes?
Yes, Apple’s slogan is that users don’t know what they want. Then you play the user as a grandson?
That’s what’s so stupid.
If you want to refute, first make it clear that I input the Apple ID again. After clicking forget the password, it asks me to input the ID again. What logic is it.


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