Zero foundation, self-study photoshop, where should I start?

Every time I see such a topic, I am very angry!


In the answer, someone always tells you that XXXX’s photoshop on-line free tutorial pays more attention to the function than the actual practice, which is not good In a word, DISS gave others a try and then offered photoshop on-line free courses related to its own interests.


This means of intimidating learners and selling products through pseudo science popularization is just like a fortune teller who imagines a disaster for you and asks you to give up your money for peace, which is just a conventional formula.


To tell the truth, many photoshop on-line free tutorials on the market are not as bad as those marketing numbers say. Some photoshop on-line free courses focus on basic concepts and tools, which is said not to focus on practice. People have a lot of cases to explain the photoshop on-line free tutorial, and it is said that it does not take into account the zero basis, not suitable for beginners to learn?


Is your photoshop on-line free tutorial the best in the world? It can cure all diseases, both young and old, and people and animals can learn from it? I’m really angry. Years of work and learning experience tell me that you don’t need to master 100% of the functions of photoshop on-line free software, but you can also use it. You only need to use functional modules that can help you solve your work and learn practical problems.


Moreover, there are thousands of photoshop on-line free tutorials on the market. In fact, we can classify it into two categories, one is photoshop on-line free basic course, and the other is photoshop on-line free professional course.


Class I photoshop on-line free tutorial

Class 1 photoshop on-line free tutorial is aimed at students with zero foundation. It focuses on explaining software functions, and then provides some basic examples to let you have a certain understanding of Photohop software. Usually, the cases of such courses will cover a wide range, including design, drawing (color mixing) and painting, so as to let you know that the software can do this. For example, the two photoshop on-line free tutorials:

Of course, people’s time and energy are always limited, and teachers can’t be proficient in design, drawing, painting and other fields, so due to their professional background, in different teachers’ photoshop on-line free courses, the cases they listed will also have professional tendencies, so you will be imperceptibly baptized by their professional quality.

Therefore, when you are learning photoshop on-line free software by yourself and can’t start with thousands of Photoshop Introductory to Mastery Tutorials, I suggest you go to see the teacher’s professional background and experience. I believe you can narrow down your choice by choosing a teacher who has the same career direction as you in the future.

Here, in order to save time for everyone, we also give you a few choices for reference.

① Plane design direction.

If you learn photoshop on-line free to engage in graphic design, find a teacher who is a graphic design teacher to teach you photoshop on-line free, and you can also learn some relevant professional knowledge by ear and eye. For example, Hou Weijing, the lecturer of the “Photoshop cc 2017 Zero Foundation Introductory Course”, has been engaged in the graphic brand design industry for more than 10 years, so it must be reliable to learn from her.


② photoshop on-line free revision direction.

The teacher has a constant love and pursuit of photography. He has devoted his professional knowledge of light, shadow and color understanding to this set of basic photoshop on-line free courses. If you learn photoshop on-line free for the purpose of later photo editing, you will not make mistakes if you learn this set of photoshop on-line free courses.


③ E-commerce design direction.

The lecturer is designed from e-commerce, and the cases in the course will also have some knowledge of e-commerce design. So, if you are studying photoshop on-line free for the purpose of engaging in e-commerce design in the future, you might as well take a look at this photoshop on-line free tutorial.


④ I don’t know what direction~

If you are not sure about your future direction, you are interested in photoshop on-line free software at this stage and want to learn a skill for future use. Please refer to these photoshop on-line free basic courses:


Class II photoshop on-line free tutorial

The second class of photoshop on-line free course is aimed at students who have some photoshop on-line free basics. The course uses photoshop on-line free software as a tool, and the content of the course has been separated from the teaching of photoshop on-line free software operation foundation, but has expanded to a professional leader for practical case teaching. For example, there are masters of photoshop on-line free drawing, photoshop on-line free painting, posters and graphic design with photoshop on-line free software.


This kind of photoshop on-line free course is no longer like a class of courses. It will no longer give you a detailed explanation of the meaning of each tool command or how to use it. Instead, I will directly explain the idea of such revision and the theoretical basis of such design, and then take you to practice in the software to achieve creative expression.


If you can choose a class I course at will, you should be careful when choosing a class II photoshop on-line free course. You need to pay attention to the teacher’s professional background, working years and professional works, and it is the best thing to find a senior in the same position and occupation as you.


Finally, I would like to recommend some reliable teachers and photoshop on-line free courses for your reference.

1. Use photoshop on-line free to make: repair drawings.

To learn photoshop on-line free, I recommend you to learn from the “Photographer Ziyi” teacher if you want to develop in the direction of post photo editing. He has specialized in this field for decades, and he can’t find enough photography works or excellent students to teach. He will certainly benefit a lot from learning.

Han Xue – Photographer Zi Yi

Han Xue – Photographer Zi Yi

Photographer Zi Yi

Photographer Zi Yi

2. photoshop on-line free: Web design.

We recommend you to learn from Tencent’s designers. Tencent’s web design is very sophisticated and professional in the industry, and often leads the trend of domestic visual design.

These two sets of web design courses are the courses recorded by Gordon, a senior designer on the job. The courses will teach you various types of web design, improve the ability of visual synthesis and expression of web pages, and prepare for the production of high-end games, movies, and real estate web pages.

3. Use photoshop on-line free for UI design


If you want to engage in UI design related work by studying photoshop on-line free, you have to learn this set of UI courses, which are recorded by the designer MICU recommended by Zhanku. The course arrangement is very full, and a large number of case studies can help you consolidate the basic skills of UI design.



4. photoshop on-line free for illustration design.


Illustration design is also one of the most frequently used areas of photoshop on-line free software. However, in the field of illustration painting, many kinds of painting themes are subdivided, such as original painting, cartoon, animation, etc. If you don’t know what to learn, choose a direction that you are most interested in. Interest is the best teacher, and interest can help you explore your own home ownership path.




There are more detailed career directions. I will not list them one by one. Through the above answers, the main idea is to learn archery (photoshop on-line free). You must first find out where the target (target) is, otherwise your daily bow pulling exercise is meaningless.

Finally, I wish you all success in your studies!

The software is as simple as one. You are also simple, like a person. Everything starts from being a human being, and a person’s life is a lifetime. To do graphic design, advertising design related work software is the most basic tool. If you don’t even have the ability to learn software by yourself, you are definitely not suitable for graphic design work. There are a lot of tutorials such as ps photoshop on-line free. There are design APP tutorials such as Tiger Course Network. There are many other tutorials. Of course, these tutorials are uneven. But it doesn’t matter. As long as you have firm perseverance, you should study and practice for two hours every day. If you are steady, you can learn it in a month. Of course, the association I’m talking about is just a beginner. To really learn, we must constantly practice in practice. As for how to teach yourself to become a design major in graphic design, network design and visual communication. To develop in this field. You can read through an article I published a few days ago. See how I can take the road of design step by step through self-study. I continued to learn graphic design by myself and wrote my first design reference book. I am a designer from a non discipline background, step by step. Having a place in the field of graphic design will help you if you see it.


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