How does graphic design use typography?

Graphic design is inseparable from layout, including web design, interaction design and UI design. But typography is a very deep and hard to master knowledge, some simple alignment is very beautiful, and some seem messy but unclear. How to typeset and use in Shenzhen graphic design company?


Size comparison is common in text typesetting. The information that needs to be listed will generally be divided into titles, subtitles, and texts. There will also be key information and non-key information. The important information is enlarged, and the secondary information is reduced. Processing results in a comparison of sizes. The advantage of doing so is that it can reduce the interference of secondary information on important information and make it easier to receive. The comparison of size can also make the layout of the layout richer, so that the audience can see the details, of course, it can still be arranged in those ways of alignment.

The length comparison is divided into the length comparison between rows and the length comparison between columns and columns. In text typesetting, each line of text is different in length, and it is better to look at the same length than each line, and the side of the text paragraph is best to be wavy. In typesetting, you can deliberately create a comparison of length and short by segmentation to make the typesetting look more Beautiful.

The comparison between the length of the column and the column means that in the typesetting of albums, magazines, and newspapers, we often divide the text into several columns because of the large amount of text information. At this time, we can make good use of the length of the paragraphs in each column. Create good results.

In actual typesetting, the text that needs to be processed is often divided into functions, information, and status. At this time, the common processing method is to put the same type of information together, instead of separating the same type of information, and then Treat them with different fonts, font sizes, and colors. The advantage of doing so is that the information is clear and it looks more breathable. Designers can use this technique to create a visual process to guide the audience to read the information.

Part of the text in the layout is typeset in a certain direction, while another part of the text is typeset in another direction. This technique can effectively increase the dynamic or spatial sense of the layout. It is more common in poster design, because many posters have more information. , There are fewer restrictions on typesetting, so the design can be played very flexible. Shenzhen graphic design company Nico is familiar with the use of typesetting.

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