13 irresistible p-chart techniques, let colleagues envy them after learning them!

In our daily life and work, we will encounter the following problems more or less:

The size of the picture is too large. What should I do if I want to make it smaller?

What can I do if I want to turn a rectangular picture into a circular one?

This picture has a watermark. How can I remove the watermark?

I don’t have time to take photos. What if I need to take a photo?

What can I do if I can’t open the pictures downloaded from the Internet?


In fact, if you know PS software, it won’t waste you too much time. These problems can be easily solved with PS. Mr. Lin collected some of the most frequently encountered problems in our daily work and developed this set《Course of PS image processing technology necessary for workplace work》curriculumI hope it will help you.

Let’s take a look at the syllabus of this course, as follows:

Lesson 1: life photo making certificate photo

1. Online production of certificate photos, simple and convenient

2. Online production + PS post-processing, more flexible

3. PS comprehensively refined production of certificate photo

Lesson 2: help colleagues who love beautiful women to remove the pimples and thin faces in the photos

1. Online tools: simple acne removal

2. PS is a portrait for slimming, face slimming and acne removing

3. Liquefy, shape and tidy messy hair

4. How to download, install and use the skin whitening plug-in

5. Use the curve command to color and whiten the portrait

6. Use the adjust layer to adjust the background color of the photo

Lesson 3: change your ID card into a suit

1. The color balance command corrects the color deviation of the photo

2. Curve command: adjust the brightness of the photo

3. Camera raw adjusts the sharpness of the portrait

4. Use suit materials to change clothes for ID photos

Lesson 4: optimize photo size to meet upload requirements

1. Explanation of elements affecting image size

2. Detailed explanation of image size command

3. Use the draft design to modify the picture size

4. The file output is in the format used by the web

Lesson 5: Tips for quickly converting picture formats1. Explanation of common formats of webp, TGA, JPEG, PNG and gif

2. Use affinity Photo software to convert

3. Use PS to convert some special picture formats

4. Use format factory conversion, especially easy to use

Lesson 6: rectangular photos become circular photos1. Use word software to convert round pictures

2. Use ppt software to transform operation

3. Use three PS software operation methods for conversion

4. Use of PS placement, layer mask and cut mask

Lesson 7: removing unwanted people and objects from photos1. Use draft design to eliminate pen removal

2. Use PS imitation stamp tool to remove redundant characters

3. Use repair tools to remove irrelevant content

4. Content identification function: remove sundries

5. Color the repaired photos with camera raw

6. Copy the stamp tool and draw the missing object by hand

7. Use the color search command to color the photos

Lesson 8: extract the company logo from the picture and apply it to the file1. How to use PS pen tool

2. Copy and draw high-definition company logo

3. Correct the perspective deformed image

4. Usage of perspective cutting tool

Lesson 9: how to make blurred photos clear1. PS high contrast retention to improve photo clarity

2. Improve the definition of multiple photos at the same time

3. PS channel skin grinding method

4. Application of linear light mixing mode

Lesson 10: product drawing, more selling1. Channel grinding and color mixing to make the product color uniform and ruddy

2. PS pen matting practice

3. Application of PS layer mask

Lesson 11: product drawing, more selling (2)1. PS curve adjusts the surface texture of the bag

2. PS pen matting practice

3. PS adds sharpness to enhance texture

Lesson 12: if you can’t find suitable materials for PPT, use PS to do it yourself1. Make the material and set the size according to the aspect ratio of the slide

2. Comprehensively use PS color command, filter and layer mixing mode to make

Extra gift: make a shining image for yourself (55 minute course)

PS image processing technology necessary for workplace work

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