2022 Sony World Photography Competition Awards announced

The Sony world photography competition was announced before 2022, and the winners of the professional group, public group and youth group of the competition were announced. It is understood that the competition received more than 344000 works from more than 200 countries and regions. After layers of review, the winners and finalists of each group were produced</ span>
In the professional group, photographer Adam Ferguson from Australia performed well. He won the title of “photographer of the year” for his work migrates, and won a prize of 25000 US dollars. In the open group, Scott Wilson, a photographer from Britain, won the championship with his work “angel management” and won a prize of $5000. Another Vietnamese photographer tri Nguyen’s work [0x9a8b] won the champion of the youth group with excellent results</ span>
Sony World Photography Award is one of the most influential Photography Awards in the world. The competition is open to all photographers, including professional photographers, amateur photographers, young photographers and photography students. The competition is now the most authoritative voice in the industry, providing a powerful platform for all winners</ span>

street photography


© Etienne souchon (France)

street photography


© David bonaldo (Italy)

© Ludovic Le guyader (France)

© Jonathan white (UK)

© Shun Wang (China)

© Miguel Angel m í nguez Corella (Spain)



© Thanh Nguyen phuc (Vietnam)



© Yawar Abbas (Pakistan)

© Sujon adikary (Bangladesh)

© Alessandro accordini (Italy)

© Darshan GANAPATHY (India)

© Claudia Magnani (Italy)

© Francois Philippe (France)

© Milad nalbandiyan (Iran)

© Yang Shu (China)

© Saravut whanset (Thailand)

© Huu Binh Nguyen (Vietnam)




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