30 hearty movies recommended

the editor carefully sorted out 30 books and recommended them to you. I think they are a good collection. It’s definitely a cool film inventory, and the scores are relatively high. (Note: rank in no order)

1. Comprehensive score of rescued Jiang Ge: 8.6

Dr. Schultz traveled thousands of miles to the United States. What is the spirit of a German who has no selfish motive and regards brother Qiang’s Liberation career as his career? This is the spirit of internationalism, this is the spirit of fundamentalism, and every good fundamentalist should learn this spirit. The core is actually very old-fashioned, that is, the man has gone through countless hardships to save his beloved. But the character setting is really great. I will never regret spending 165 minutes on this film

2. Comprehensive score of Hurricane rescue series: 8.2

daughter, your father is better than Li Gang. He kills people when he sees people, and kills Buddha when he sees Buddha. Clean and enjoyable. The plot is very arresting and the rhythm is very compact. This short and concise plot is good. This movie tells us that young girls should not get on handsome guys’ cars easily. I quite appreciate it. The key factor is that the action is very natural and unrestrained. Killing people is done at once. It’s clean and tidy and never sloppy. In this regard, it’s somewhat violent. I think this is the biggest highlight. And also play the warmth card to tell the feelings between father and family. The whole process is very compact and complete at one go

3. Comprehensive score of hard core Henry: 7.6

if you can stand the blind story and camera dizziness, this is definitely a 100 star film! The first person perspective of the breakthrough video game is top-level, with infinite creativity. Brain holes are wide open, two hours of non-stop running, non-stop playing, non-stop parkour, climax wave after wave, loser blow head blow body blow! The subjective scene was bloody. I saw it several times and was about to vomit. Fortunately, he stopped in time to explain the Dragon pulse and clarify the relationship between the so-called big demon king and Lao Wang, as well as mental retardation. Unfortunately, there was no mating in the end, and it was not happy forever

4. Comprehensive score of “quick pursuit”: 7.4

also known as “you kill my dog, I kill your family”. Drawing a satirical cartoon will kill you, and killing a dog will kill you. It is introduced to domestic dog lovers. It is estimated to be hot, but it should be renamed “don’t mess with dog lovers”. Recently, the United States has been in trouble with Russian gangs. You can watch it with Denzel Washington’s new film “Avenger”. For me, the climax of the whole film is the two guns of black Constantine in the basement, with tears in my eyes. Constant hairline, constant figure, constant O-shaped legs, constant male god, is the real male god

5. Comprehensive score of elite troops: 7.9

“it is a reality that happens every day somewhere on the earth. Such a reality makes any outsider’s comments lose weight.” Don’t hit your face, you’ll ruin my funeral. Intense enough, a little bloody. In terms of shooting and script structure, elite 2 is better than 1, and 1 is slightly messy; In terms of the solution, 2 is obviously to curry favor with the left, too Niang skin, 1 is the right-wing violence, take off his hat to Harry Callahan

6. Comprehensive score of ACE agent: secret service academy: 8.4

watch props are exclusively sponsored by Detective Conan. ha-ha. As long as you see an invincible suit man, who still manages loopholes. How handsome are you? Colin Firth is so handsome as to be dehumanizing as long as he stands there. But imagine this guy wearing a high-end custom suit, Sven black framed glasses and holding a gentleman’s exclusive umbrella in the film. He is also an elite who can fight 100 people and fight like a madman

7. Comprehensive score of crazy Max 4: the road of Rage: 8.6

the violent road of blood and fire, blue sky and yellow sand violates all kinds of aesthetics but makes people’s chest burst. The Cylon goddess who believes that “women are not objects” is simply awesome! After the collapse of civilization, human beings are finally going back to the matriarchal era – is there anything better than this to cure straight male cancer? The loser explodes hard and shakes the doomsday road film, and the hot-blooded action explosion is integrated with feminism. The burning and sad Western version of the doomsday Xiake line. Theron is beautiful and persistent, and can also fight with men at the same height. The goddess should be like this. It’s time to brush your clothes and go. You have deep skills and fame. Teacher Tang Zhen is a Xiake. The colors are handsome and the guitar is cool

8. Comprehensive score of wild story: 8.8

“destiny” and this ratio are downwind except for form. Although they are all outbreaks of anger, the former has a gloomy and vicious tone, as if everything is the fault of the system and has nothing to do with people; And the Latin American people tell you that all civilized people have fierce beasts in their bodies. It’s really nice to see the end of a tear and force drama. Except that the first story is very general, others are quite surprised. The joys and sorrows of life are really exciting

9. Comprehensive score of lonely agent: 8.2

I promise you will fall in love with Yuan Bin after reading it. Yuanbin is so handsome! Little girl has great skills! Underworld and white uncle take all! I want such an uncle, too! And the shot of Yuanbin jumping out of the window is so awesome, one shot in the end! Regardless of which country’s version of the killer is cold or not, he rushed to Won Bin’s eight abdominal muscles and looked at it again in boredom. The Korean film is better than the details of the blood stains in the nails

10. Comprehensive score of hot blooded detective: 8.2

that Santa Claus with a knife in his palm is Peter Jackson. The first two thirds are wonderful. The ultimate boss should belong to Swan King ~ how can little Simon be so handsome… Watching comedies with his lover can definitely enhance feelings. The highly stylized British action comedy is responsible for making fun in the first few minutes and acting in the second 20 minutes, and both of them have achieved first-class standards and are seamlessly combined

11. Comprehensive score of brave and deadly Island: 8.6

the hard-earned history of a group of migrant workers. The classic that cannot be surpassed in commercial films, all important scenes are vividly remembered – the general’s hesitation and still patriotic determination, the free and easy ability of old agents, and the small soldiers of new agent cage That green VX is really intoxicating, a beautiful wife The last newlyweds dragged empty cans of cars, as well as miniature papers from the legs of church chairs: Hey! Do you know how Kennedy died? Deep memory

12. Comprehensive score of secret agent: 8.1

full of entertainment and first-class ability. The most dazzling is the retro feeling of the 1960s comparable to the “advertising madman”: a stylish three piece suit, elegant handmade Derby shoes, and a woolen cap. Seeing many people say that the editing and patterns are nothing new, I want to say that Guy Ritchie, even if he doesn’t surpass himself, is much higher than the level of other directors’ commercial production lines. The patterns are 100 times better, and the editing is smooth enough to enjoy, okay

13. Comprehensive score of “two big smoke guns”: 9.1

what is screenwriter Kung Fu? This is called Screenwriter’s Kung Fu! The structure is very fine. When Ed lost all his money, he went out in a daze and held the wall to vomit, which was very real. The little gangsters in this film are very stylish. I felt that the crazy stone was just a floating cloud in front of him. The same kind of coincidence as be cool is all a coincidence of joy. Two big cigarette guns as string props are much better than diamonds and stones Of course, it is much better than that inexplicable painting

14. Comprehensive score of national public enemy: 8.2

reality TV Political Ethics completely subversive version. The so-called public enemy of the country is, to a certain extent, a national Superman. What he is fighting on his own is the high sounding and immoral political conspiracy of the whole country. The final outcome is really black. I feel that this film is really a leader in related topics! The director of the film committed suicide on August 19 last year, aged 68. At 12:30 local time, he jumped from the Vincent Thomas bridge into the river below, and the body was salvaged near 3 p.m. – does the director know too much

15. Comprehensive score of “raid”: 7.7

this clip is awesome. There is no story, no plot, body movements, gunfights hold the whole audience, and there is no urine point in the whole 140 minutes. Knife sees blood, fist to flesh, and the use of medium-distance and long shots makes the fighting scene more tense and exciting, and the whole film has been climaxing. The real-life violent game, anti terrorist special police raid, occupy the building, no dialogue, no plot, no role, no human nature, only lifelike, cruel and endless violence. For many people, this will be a feast, no brain, only eyes

16. Comprehensive score of Kill Bill: 8.2

miniskirt student clothes plus Mini meteor hammer, Bruce Lee’s same clothes plus blonde samurai sword, overexposed silent film to black and white, a moment of artistic conception of white clothes and snow with blood in the sound of pumping water, blue screen silhouette, scalp resentment, as well as love for the sun, Hong Kong Films and feet. Every time you cut, scrape, and scratch anywhere, you can encounter an artery. There is no sense of revenge, only the flowers of beauty and evil. I would rather die than miss a frame

17. Comprehensive score of “speed of life and death”: 8.1

it can be regarded as a classic in the blockbuster. Keanu is so handsome. The film is very nervous, with twists and turns and a small ending. OST sounds good and matches the content. The first cooperation with Sandra is so sweet! It’s too exciting, too nervous, too thrilling, and the playing time is super smooth, and the rhythm is really too good to cover itself. It seems that Keanu Reeves, who really committed lone star, has sparks only with Sandra Bullock

18. Comprehensive score of fist fighter: 7.8

Muay Thai is one of the highlights, but I prefer the piety of faith. Muay Thai is fierce and deadly. It can be said that Tonja saved this film. From the production and photography, it is almost as bad as those Hong Kong films shot with DV at the beginning of the century. Literary dramas can’t be seen at all. But fortunately, Tonja’s non-human skills are very enjoyable. Even Parkour and high-difficulty action plays are too dazzling. It’s terrible

19. Comprehensive score of anger rescue: 8.1

a mixture of warmth and violence. Strange uncle avenged little Lori. The editing is great, and the plot is also compact, ups and downs. The stems are thrown out one by one, and it doesn’t look dull. With an angelic pure face, but a mature and charming heart. Pinta is so smart, cute and beautiful. Only her smile can warm the heart of Uncle kreiser, who has been on the battlefield for a long time and has lost the direction of his life. Of course, only she can make uncle burst out again with tenacious vitality, go through fire and water for her, complete a death art, and finally take his life

20. Comprehensive score of the Executioner: 8.2

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