7 methods to teach you to take layered landscape photos

Landscape photography is the most common kind of photography whether in daily life or traveling, you can take good landscape photos

In ordinary shooting, people only pay attention to the discovery of beautiful scenery and ignore the performance of the sense of hierarchy. How to get a sense of hierarchy? You can try the following seven methods

1: Use light and dark contrast
The first way is to rely on the relationship between light and shade of things. For example, the relationship between light and shade on the roof in the picture is caused by sunlight
Or use the gradual light and dark relationship from near to far, such as the gradual light and dark composition of beach figures and mountains in the figure below, to give the photos a distinct sense of hierarchy

2: Use color contrast

When taking landscape photos, the color of the landscape taken at different time periods will be different due to the influence of weather changes and color temperature

the photographer can adjust the exposure combination according to the theme to be expressed, so as to make the hue and color changes of the photos more charming, thus increasing the sense of hierarchy of the photos

color contrast is a method of matching contrasting scenes together. During color comparison, try to include scenes with obvious color differences into the picture, so that the comparison effect will be stronger

3: adopt the method of comparison between deficiency and reality

in fact, the commonly used technique of “making the background invisible with a large aperture” in general shooting is to make use of the virtual and real contrast in the picture this not only highlights the theme, but also gives the photo a three-dimensional feeling

in landscape photography, the gradual virtualization from near to far is used to obtain linear detail contrast, so as to form a rich sense of hierarchy. 4: line perspective method

using the lines of the scene to form perspective can also make the picture have a three-dimensional spatial effect, so as to highlight the sense of hierarchy whether vertical or horizontal lines, as long as they are regular lines, they will form a unique sense of hierarchy

5. Use depth

our visual perception is that the near object is large and the far object is small. A photo that looks like the near object and the far object is consistent with human visual perception. The photo looks three-dimensional and deep

in the picture, a road is used to guide the viewer’s perspective from near to far, and the composition with this depth is cleverly used, thus increasing the sense of hierarchy of the whole photo

6: interesting central point

a good photo must have an interesting center to attract the attention of the audience and convey information in landscape shooting, golden section composition or well shaped composition are commonly used

in the picture, the foreground characters are placed at the golden section point or the intersection of the well shaped characters in the picture, which makes the picture more varied and increases the sense of hierarchy of the picture

7: add foreground

Add some foreground to the picture to increase the sense of hierarchy. This method is simple and effective. In actual shooting, we can select some appropriate scenes as the foreground of the scene, make the subject become the middle scene, and enhance the picture level

During shooting, we can select some appropriate scenery as the foreground, so that the subject becomes the medium scene, and the picture level can be enhanced

for example, if you only take pictures of mountains in the distance, the sense of hierarchy is certainly not enough at this time, we can find some beautiful flowers and plants, and even beautiful waterfalls as a foreground, it not only enhances the beauty of the picture, but also enriches the level of the picture


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