A brief introduction to online photoshop today tools


When the selection is selected, the operation will only take effect in the selection

Selection shortcuts

Ctrl + D cancel selection

Ctrl + Z Restore the selection from the previous step or restore directly in the history

Ctrl + H show and hide the edges of the selection

View-display-adjust the displayed content


Foreground color, background color

Eyedropper tool to pick color

How to set the gray value, 50% gray, RGB set to 127, 127, 127

Brush tool


What is a mask, mask

The gray scale in the ps mask represents transparency

Black means no display, gray means transparent (mixed with the underlying layer), and white means full display.

how to use

Layer window, quickly add mask

In the layer panel, select the “Mask” thumbnail to edit the mask

Use the quick selection tool and the marquee tool to select the area, use the foreground color and the paint bucket tool to fill, and use the brush tool to fine-tune

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