Can you recognize who the first photo is (funny Photoshop picture)

Since the birth of Photoshop graphics software, there have been many P-map masters on the Internet. Dating back to the last century, coloring black-and-white photos may be the earliest P-map. Below is a group of pictures modified by top P-map masters. Although very funny, they seem to have no sense of conflict</ p>

1. With just two handfuls of noodles, can you give p a feeling</ p>

PS master: in your eyes, it’s ordinary noodles. Maybe the architecture of alien civilization is like this</ p>

2. Netizens turned out a photo of themselves riding in the park and wanted to deal with it as a bit more handsome. For P-map masters, riding a cute duck is what he played in the park, but the picture is a little spicy</ p>

3. Originally, I just measured the length of the dog, but the dog looked innocent, which was too suitable for PS. please deal with it</ p>

PS master: if there is a dog version of Oliver Twist, it is estimated that it will be like this: Sir, please, add more food</ p>

4. The posture of meow star people is so cute. Can you make the scene a little romantic</ p>

PS master: Although I don’t know if Jack will like such a big cat, the scene is also romantic</ p>

5. On the snow in winter, a bird stepped on a frozen mouse. This is a rare picture. If only it could make the bird look stronger</ p>

6. Photographed at home, the meow star man is crawling up the stairs. Where does this straight body seem to have been seen</ p>

PS master: if meow star people can take a bath, it’s probably like this, so this is meow star version of taking a bath</ p>

7. The dog in the house is photographed in a strange posture. It looks so enchanting! Trouble P map master to deal with it as it should be</ p>

PS master: so the dog’s posture is preparing to take a ride. Is the driver in the car surprised</ p>

8. Hamsters in close range feel so strong. Has this posture been seen in any film or television</ p>

PS master: I don’t know in which movie or TV, but Thor is in this position every time he lands, but Thor like this is really thunder</ p>

9. If the heroes in the film and television works set up stalls in the vegetable market, it is estimated that this is the case. Even selling vegetables is like a war, and there is simply no sense of conflict</ p>



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