Graphic Design | Since ancient times, ordinary design can’t be retained, but the most popular routine

Recently, many students who have just started their college career

And students who are preparing to go abroad often ask Little More:

​Is it a bad job for graphic design majors?

Does graphic design have very narrow employment opportunities after graduation?

Is it difficult to develop in the future?

Little More will give you a good talk today and help you dispel your doubts~

Since everything in graphic design is based on vision as the research center and means of transmitting information, graphic design can be said to be the most extensive major of all design majors, and basically all other design majors are in the process of learning , Also need to learn a certain amount of graphic design related knowledge. Therefore, relatively speaking, the employment scope of graphic design can also be said to be the widest among all design majors.

From the most common brand-based logo design, graphic design, magazines, book publications, promotion, advertisements, posters, window displays, to cross-professional and cross-disciplinary interaction design, clothing design, product design, website design, etc., basic Most of the companies we know about need graphic designers.

The reason why most students have such a bad feeling about the employment of graphic design is also because the domestic art academies have a relatively narrow understanding of graphic design. Next, Little More will combine some graphic design works of foreign art colleges to reinterpret the definition of graphic design for everyone~

1. VI design

As one of the courses that most graphic design students need to learn now, VI can be said to be the most valued subject in graphic design majors, especially in the British art schools, many of which attach great importance to VI design.

The original intention of the VI design course is to encourage students to dialectically observe the plane elements that make up the contemporary visual recognition system, while emphasizing the relationship between the application of visual language and the processing of graphics levels. Among them, the application of graphic design methods is to better express the story behind the brand, through strategic thinking, and driving and creative design methods to achieve brand promotion.

The works of LCC brand design students:

2. Book design

Book design is believed to be a favorite major of many students, but it is different from the traditional definition of “books are information carriers” in terms of the expression of effects and the use of materials.

We all know that although the ways of reading are increasing, such as kindles, mobile phones, iPads, etc., even so, there are still many people who prefer the form of books. The reason for this, in addition to the attractiveness of this way of reading itself, book binding is also one of the very important reasons.

The core of the subject of book design lies in the position of books in art practice, and almost no art college in China will offer this course. Foreign art colleges and universities that offer this subject/course encourage students to continuously explore the concept, form, and function of books as to readers.

In addition to the layout of text and images and the materials used in book design, designers also need to pay attention to what kind of experience the book can bring to readers, whether this experience is related to the content of the book, and whether this experience can improve the expression of the book Wait.

3. Interaction design

Interaction design is one of the most commonly chosen majors for many graphic design students when choosing to study abroad. Compared with graphic design, interactive design has more intersecting parts for graphic designers, whether in terms of functionality or practicality. Among them, the design of color matching, frame, icon, etc. needs to be used Expertise in graphic design.

But for students from graphic design to interaction design, the production of portfolios will have some difficulties. Often, students majoring in graphic design pay more attention to the visual content when making interactive design portfolios, while ignoring the content of product use and user experience.

For students majoring in graphic design, to produce a set of excellent interactive design professional portfolios needs to be completed by collecting user usage data, experience reports, and implementation plans at different stages in different periods, combined with icon design and interface optimization.

4. Application of graphic design space

This part can be regarded as a more interdisciplinary graphic design application. Regardless of the research direction or the practical application, foreign art academies advocate the extension of the two-dimensional content into the three-dimensional space to explore the relationship between the plane visual elements and the space.

Take the exhibition space as an example. The most familiar case of graphic design in space should be museums and other buildings. Graphic designers need to work with interior designers to interpret the theme of the museum through the content of graphic design, create a suitable overall atmosphere, and establish a narrative space environment. In each of these steps, graphic designers have played a vital role.

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