How to do user experience well? The top 10 influential figures should not be missed!

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Since 1999, don Norman has coined the term user experience. Although this term has only been created for 20 years, user experience has become an important part of digital product design and development. From snapchat applications to complex ERP systems, I can bet that all products you often use are built based on user experience unless you don’t use them.
In fact, this is not surprising. Considering the rise of user experience, as a discipline, it must contain a lot of information. But how do you get this information and what sources of information are worth your time and attention? I suggest you get inspiration from user experience experts.
Are you still looking for inspiration for mobile UI design, user research and its application or UX design trend prediction? These 10 user experience experts will start the first stop of your journey to learn user experience.
Katie dill

As the experience design director of airbnb, Katie dill is a pioneer in user experience. Katie and her user experience team spent a lot of time creating an engaging experience for about 60 million users around the world.
This means Katie has first-class knowledge in building user journey, user research and prototyping interface.
You can follow her on twitter, or follow her numerous UX meetings and events throughout the year.
Jeff veen

Jeff veen is a heavyweight in product design and user experience. Before the creation of adaptive path, the first user experience consulting company, he was a member of the founding team of wired, a local magazine in California.
In addition, he is also the person behind Google Analytics. Currently, he also plays the role of design partner of true ventures, and Jeff guides an impressive portfolio of companies, from medium to WordPress.
If you can’t catch up with Jeff’s speech at user experience and product events, you can listen to his podcast or follow him on twitter.
Eric Reiss

In my justinmind user experience team, we are all fans of Eric Reese. The user experience influencer has been engaged in user experience since the creation of the concept of user experience.
From writing adventure game programs and some of the earliest books on information architecture, he is currently the CEO of fatdux, a user experience agency. There are almost no user experience fields that Eric is not familiar with.
He brings a humorous and exciting perspective to the user experience. Such Eric is worth following on Twitter or seeing for yourself.
Jared Spool

Everyone who works in user experience knows Jared spool. Since 1978, he has been committed to usability research, mainly as the director of user interface engineering and the consultant of network and mobile usability. His consulting company is the largest user research institution in the world.
Jared keynote speech and chair at the annual user interface conference, and blog about usability / UX. In addition, his twitter will often update some trends, tips and stories about the usability frontier.
Jennifer Romano Bergstrom

Jen is a user experience researcher at Facebook and instagram and a hotline for the world’s largest user base. Eye tracking is her characteristic theory: her new book eye tracking in user experience design (co authored with Andrew Schall) helps us deeply understand how to use eye tracking to build user experience.
When < b > Jen < / b > doesn’t study users or write books, she updates some trends about user research and usability on her blog and twitter.
Khoi Vinh

Khoi Vinh is now one of the most interesting UX bloggers. If you don’t believe it, just ask his 345000 + fans on twitter. Khoi Vinh was the design director of the New York Times, Etsy, Khoi, and is now the chief designer of adobe.
He once wrote the book “the beauty of order – grid principles in web pages” and was therefore recommended as one of “the 50 most influential designers in the United States”.
Khoi’s blog subcontract covers design, technology and related culture. You can dig deeper into articles, web fonts, voice user interfaces and more challenges in the dreamy user interface. In those dull office hours, let yourself follow Khoi’s footsteps and bring yourself a good reading time.
Willy Lai

Willy is an award-winning user experience design leader who has worked for more than 20 years at the top technology companies in Silicon Valley, including apple, Samsung, PayPal, intuit and eBay. Therefore, Willy does have some authoritative Silicon Valley credentials.
Currently, he shares his user experience knowledge through workshops, conferences and career guidance, as well as lectures at Stanford University. Willy is a great man who combines UX design with business goals.
You can learn by checking his online activity list; If you can’t, you can also follow his twitter.
Cory Lebson
As the author of UX Career Handbook, Cory can help anyone who wants to define their career path in a rapidly changing experience scenario.
This book covers everything from learning UX to career development roadmap, and becomes an thought leader. But you don’t have to buy copies. Cory’s blog also contains good suggestions and comments on UX, user research and usability.
Ethan Marcotte

In response to design, the term created by Ethan has become one of the biggest web design trends in the past decade. He also wrote a book about RWD.
His blog is rare, but his Twitter is full of Internet roar, expert opinion and user experience sparks.
Don Norman

At the end of the UX list, I recommend don Norman, the father of user experience. Don Norman invented the term “user experience”, which awakens all feelings of user experience and usability. He is the founder behind Nielsen Norman Group and believes that user experience is everywhere. You can follow his video presentation through his website.
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The above contents are translated and sorted out by the mockplus team for learning and communication only</ b>

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