How to take pictures of good people with light

photography skills: photography is actually the art of light and shadow. If you have learned to use light and shadow to compose pictures, Congratulations, you have mastered more advanced photography skills. If you can’t, then the next content should be read carefully

today, Xiaobian mainly takes portrait photography as an example to introduce the use of light and shadow

1. Use the light near the window

when there is good light outside the window that can be projected into the room, you can use it; You can stand in a place that can be illuminated by light, and then the photographer finds a suitable angle to take a picture of a combination of people and projection

2. Use the light spot cast by the leaves

in the morning outdoors, when the sun shines down from overhead, you can often see the light spot effect of many leaves; At this time, it is easy to produce good-looking photos by skillfully combining the surrounding scenes and posing

3. Use tunnel or building projection

in an aisle, the light from above will form a relatively strong projection effect. You can make some clever swings along the projection

in addition, some buildings are easy to form projections directly, and can also be used more

4. Artificial light and shadow effect

if there is no good-looking light and shadow effect, we can use some props to create the effect we want, such as hollow scarves, sieves, hollow hats, etc

only when you learn to use light and shadow can you make your photography more artistic conception. I hope you can try to imitate these photography skills introduced above after class




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