To understand 3 things, you are also a god of PhotoShop! Online PhotoShop software

When I was in school, the student union minister asked you to make a propaganda poster for the party, you said “I won’t”, and as a result, others did a good job, and everyone cast appreciative eyes; After going to work, the leader asked you to make a promotional picture of the company, you said “I won’t”, and the colleague did a good job and got a promotion and a raise; After work, you go home to eat, play games and sleep, while your colleague is taking on the work of poster making and logo design, and a month later you complain about why your colleague earns more than 10,000 a month and I am only half of him. All because, you won’t Online Photoshop.

Since ONLINE PHOTOSHOP is so important, then we must study hard. Before learning, think clearly about 3 questions:

1. What do you want to do when you learn ONLINE PHOTOSHOP?

2. How to learn ONLINE PHOTOSHOP?

3. How to develop good usage habits


1. What do you want to do when you learn ONLINE PHOTOSHOP?

In my sophomore year, due to a chance experience, a friend asked me to help him make a course promotional picture and told me how to do it, at that time, I didn’t know anything about drawing, I opened ONLINE PHOTOSHOP, faced with an unfamiliar interface, fortunately he told me what tools to use, and gave me the materials, so I didn’t have to work hard, I did it well, and did it well. I thought to myself, this thing is interesting, it’s worth learning.

After that, I began to study frantically, that will know that all concerns are about ONLINE PHOTOSHOP, the public account also paid attention to a lot of ONLINE PHOTOSHOP, all kinds of teaching did not look less, portrait retouching, landscape color grading, post-synthesis seems to know the point, but do not know anything. Although I was proficient in tools, I still couldn’t make things. Because I didn’t know what I was going to do

You go out to travel and take a lot of photos and want to post moments of friends, but the photos have some problems, such as the picture is too dark and the gray is not bright enough; The character’s face is a little fat, occasionally there will be acne, at this time it needs to be beautified, and I thought of using Online Photoshop; The student union needed to make a party poster and thought of using ONLINE PHOTOSHOP; I saw some very creative post-synthesis photos on the Internet, and felt “too good”! No matter what the purpose is, as long as you find this purpose, you can learn purposefully, and you won’t know what you want to do after learning for half a day.

Image Image


2. How to learn ONLINE PHOTOSHOP

Many people will say “see more, practice more”, yes, not only learn ONLINE PHOTOSHOP, learn anything to remember one point, that is, the eye master is low, when watching the teaching, don’t think this is so simple, don’t do it yourself; Seeing some technical teaching, I feel like I can do it myself, and I don’t have to do it myself again…

For the ONLINE PHOTOSHOP skill knowledge seen in various ways, it must not only stop at looking, it must be implemented in doing, only if it can be output, it can be regarded as effective input.

In addition, for the basic knowledge must be firmly mastered, to color the photo, you have to ensure the color harmony, right? Then you need to know at least the three elements of color, right? To do post-compositing, you have to cut out the material in different pictures, right? Then you must at least know how to cut out the image, right?

Mastering the basics is the first step in ONLINE PHOTOSHOP learning.

There is a saying called “where you go, start from”, after mastering the basic knowledge, you must look at the teaching in a targeted manner, and if you want to learn portrait retouching, you will go to see portrait retouching; If you want to learn post-synthesis, go to see post-synthesis, first use the materials in the teaching to follow the video to do it again, do it yourself after turning off the video, and finally find your own materials to do, the same effect is done three times, it is difficult to remember it.


3. How to develop good usage habits

On the eve of graduation, our supervisor approached me and asked me to design a graduation shirt, but I was unfamiliar with ONLINE PHOTOSHOP because I didn’t practice for a long time. Seeing the tools in the interface seems to understand. Although I finally completed the design of the graduation shirt, I felt that it was very difficult to do, and I was not yet proficient in the use of many tools, and the steOnline Photoshop were too cumbersome, especially the layer grouping, and I always couldn’t find the corresponding layer when I wanted to modify. This also prompted me to decide again to study ONLINE PHOTOSHOP well.

Good habits are not only half the battle, they are also the secret to efficiency. I was deeply touched by this, when designing the graduation shirt, due to the rustiness of the tools, it led to the dilemma of “having ideas but not knowing what to do”, and I had to do it on Baidu, which invisibly wasted a lot of time. Since the draft of the graduation shirt needed to be changed, I did not group and name the layers, so I couldn’t find the layer corresponding to the content I wanted to modify when I was revising, and I did what could have been done in 5 minutes, but I did it in 30 minutes.

So what good habits should be developed during ONLINE PHOTOSHOP use?


1. Be sure to review often

Online Photoshop knowledge is many and mixed, it is inevitable that it will be forgotten with time, review when idle, which piece of knowledge is vague, open Online Photoshop to operate it yourself, do not have to make any works, just play the role of review and review.

2. Do not work on a single layer

ONLINE PHOTOSHOP is a principle of multi-layer overlay, if all the materials are concentrated in one layer, it will lead to chaos in the materials, and the materials you want to edit cannot be selected, which will affect the efficiency.

3. Use more masks and less deletes

Many people like to use brushes and erasers when cutting out pictures or doing local retouching, these operations are non-reversible operations, if you want to modify, you have to do it from scratch, and the emergence of masks makes the modification reversible, so we must make good use of masks. If you don’t know what masks are all about, this article explains the masks for you in detail. An article to help you solve it”

4. Name and group the layers

Be sure to name the layer, group! Be sure to name the layer, group! Be sure to name the layer, group! Say important things three times, do you want to be bothered when modifying because you can’t find the corresponding layer? Do you want to hide from dozens of layers one by one to determine which object you want to modify? If you don’t want to, name the layer, group it.

5.Use adjustment layers

Speaking of color grading, many people think of adjusting from the options in “Edit” → “Adjustment”, but this adjustment directly adjusts the original image, which will damage the original image, and can not be modified locally, the adjustment layer can not only be adjusted for an object, but also use the mask for local modification, if not satisfied can be directly deleted, and will not destroy the original image.

These 5 habits can be said to be the dividing line between novices and masters, even if you don’t know anything now, but you have developed good habits that most people don’t have, then you are one step closer to masters.

When you understand these 3 questions, you can start learning ONLINE PHOTOSHOP, I wish you all the best on the road to master.


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