Toolbox-2-Selection Tool

【Toolbox-2-Selection Tool】

[Rectangular Marquee Tool Group:] Rectangle Marquee Tool, Elliptical Marquee Tool, Single Row Marquee Tool, Single Column Marquee Tool.

Personal understanding: PS mobile tool is a layer selection tool. The selection area is also a selection tool, it is only a partial selection tool, which is equivalent to a scalpel engulfing selection.

3. Rectangle marquee tool. Shortcut key M

Press the mouse and drag to create a rectangular selection. By adding, subtracting, cross buttons or pressing the shortcut keys shift, ctrl, Alt+shift, you can add, subtract, and cross selection with the previous selection to construct various geometric target selections. That is the selection operation.

-[] Tips: Move the selection. When the New Selection button is pressed, the selection tool (placed in the selection area shows a white arrow with a dotted frame) can move the selection area to achieve the purpose of reusing the selection area.

-[] Tool option bar:

. Selection operation buttons: new selection, addition selection, subtraction selection, and crossover. Click to press to select, click another button, select another button and close the previous button at the same time, only one of them can be selected.

. Feathering·input box: You can enter specific numbers in the input box; note that the selection feathering of the attribute column must be set first to have an effect. If you want to feather the selected area you have made, you can enter a value in the pop-up dialog box [shift+F6].

4. Ellipse selection. Shortcut key shift+M switch selection.

5. Single row marquee tool. Shortcut key shift+M switch selection. Create a horizontal line with a length of one pixel equal to the width of the canvas. Click and it’s ready.

6. Single column marquee tool. Shortcut key shift+M switch selection. Create a thickness of one pixel, and the length is equal to the vertical line of the canvas. Click and it’s ready.

[Lasso Selection Tool Set] Lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool, magnetic lasso tool. The purpose of creating irregular selections is still to achieve partial selection of the cut-out nature in the image.

7. Lasso tool. Shortcut key L.

Hold down the mouse and drag along the edge of the image, which is equivalent to drawing with a pencil. From the starting point to when it reunites with the starting point, it is closed as a curve. If you stop releasing the mouse halfway, it will automatically connect with the starting point in a straight line.

-[x] Anti-aliasing, check through by default.

-[x] “Select and cover…” is more suitable for application.

8. Polygonal lasso tool. Shortcut key shift+L switch selection. The mouse clicks from the beginning, and finally meets the start point and clicks to close when the circle mark is displayed to form a polygonal selection.

-[] Feather can be set

-[x] Anti-aliasing is checked by default

-[] “Select and cover” is generally not needed

9. Magnetic lasso tool. Shortcut key shift+L switch selection. It is magnetically attracted when you click a point and move along the edge. However, the operability is relatively poor. I don’t like it very much.

[Quick selection tool group] Contains object selection tools, quick selection tools, and magic wand tools. It is a group of selection tools that intelligently or semi-intelligently create selections based on the color and tolerance range of the click.

10. Object selection tool. Shortcut key is W

It is a new tool in the 2020 version. You need a frame selection to quickly select the main image of the picture. Official explanation: Find and automatically select an object in the defined area. It is the quickest selection method, and of course the roughest. Compared with the background, a single image will be better.

Operation method: select the tool, the mode has “lasso and rectangle” optional, and then outline a large outline of the main image, or frame a large area to create a selection immediately.

-[x] Automatic enhancement. Checked by default. Automatically enhance the edges of the selection.

-[x] Subtract the object. Checked by default. Find and automatically subtract objects within the defined area.

-[x] Select the subject. Create a selection from the most prominent object in the image. default.

-[x] Select and cover. Adjust the selection. Available by default.

11. Quickly select tools. Create a selection by finding and tracing the edges in the image with the strokes of a hard brush. Shortcut key: shift+W

Operation method: select the quick selection tool, pick up a hard brush of suitable size (be careful to turn off the uppercase key), and then click somewhere in the image and keep pressing off and dragging. The selection gradually advances, and samples are constantly being sampled during the advancement process. Make a selection with a certain tolerance; release the mouse, immediately jump to the selection to continue, and you can press the square bracket key to reduce or increase the brush, until the repeated painting to all selected images to be selected. It is a semi-intelligent tool.

Other tool properties are the same as above.

12. Magic wand tool. Select a selection of images with similar colors. It is common to select the background, and then create a selection by inverting the selection. The color tolerance requirements are more accurate, the default is 32 (the larger the value, the larger the range, the color level is 0-255); the others are the same as above.

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