What aspects should be involved in the content of an excellent graphic design portfolio?

Qualified works generally relate to the following aspects: 1 social, 2 commercial, and 3 academic.

Sociality: Design comes from life. You should think about and discuss the relationship with social life and social culture from a social perspective and design methods.

Commerciality: Use design methods, generally self-assertion projects, to meet people’s consumer needs, to create commercial value for the corporate brand, and to reflect the function, wisdom and value of the design with this behavior.

Academicity: This is also the most difficult to grasp. It is often a theoretical issue in the subject. It is your discussion around theoretical issues in the subject and your views expressed through your works.

This can be summarized as the following standards:

Explaining power (that is, the coverage of the theory of the work, the strength of the explanation, when you propose a concept, there should be a strong academic support).

Strangeness (actually novelty, your work concept can propose new facts that are not envisaged by other theories or that are difficult to explain).

Logic rigor (from concept to logic should be linked together)

Experimental (dare to design and express your views in a multi-disciplinary and cross-technology manner)

What conditions should a complete project have?

Often when many students are working on projects, they have no purpose and are confused about where to start. In fact, it is a process problem: looking for points of interest or events — data collection, cognition and analysis — outputting research results — putting forward The central idea of ​​the viewpoint-a preview of the draft-the finished product.

The design process here is particularly important. This is also one of the important factors in the assessment of the portfolio. Seriously speaking, it is the soul of your work and the process of growth. Without it, your work must be empty.

Why do research

Students will often hold a large stack of research materials and say to the teacher: I found that these research materials did not give me substantive help when I was in the specific design.

This is because you are only a collector of materials and a porter of materials. In the final pretense, you did not look back and spend time on purposeful analysis and acquisition of research results, and did not return from the work requirements to the research. The design elements you need.

Here, I give a very straightforward and simple example: If you design a children’s paper-media book, in your research and analysis you mentioned some of the characteristics of children, such as: active, delicate skin, easy to break items, love to bite Objects, interested in colorful objects, etc. At this time, when you are designing, you will naturally make the following reasonable choices based on these analysis results:

The choice of paper (too thin and easy to cut children’s hands, maybe the paper is thicker and even needs to be coated to prevent dirt and tearing), so you will get the paper grams and types purposefully based on the research results.

The choice of the format: (How big is it? Is it to hold it or look at it on your stomach?) Here is a direct guide to the question of the appropriate book size.

The choice of font: (the size of the word, the improper handling of the density between the words may affect the recognition of the child) This will guide you to make a reasonable arrangement of the font size, word spacing, and line spacing.

Printing choices: (due to the child’s nature to bite, this will definitely lead you to choose non-toxic and environmentally friendly inks for printing, etc.)

In this way, your research will induce your thinking and directly and effectively guide the formation of your work.

Can I only be a designer after I graduate in graphic design?

of course not. We know that graphic design is the foundation of all design, and it penetrates into all aspects of society. What you see and hear most used are indeed products related to graphic vision. The so-called social demand is large, and the employment prospects are broad, especially for elephants. You high-tech designers are the focus of the company’s recruitment.

In the future, you can enter according to your own interests, such as: Internet media companies, advertising media companies, TV stations, book and magazine publishing houses, etc. With the development of society, it can be said that as long as the position of graphic design in a company is indispensable or even important, so don’t worry about this problem.

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