What skills do you need to master in graphic design?

Single art basis.
A designer without a background in art is not a good designer. When we study art, we mainly learn some knowledge and perspective of sketching. In other words, if you don’t even understand the geometric shape of an object, you can’t even play shadows. , How to make a complete design.
2. Plane composition.
In the design, a good layout is an important factor in determining the quality of the design. A good design has its own composition theory, basic principles and composition methods. Only by using this composition method can a good design be made. Design, in other words, can make people feel beautiful.
Three, plane color composition
Color is the top priority in design. The application of color in the entire design is very important. Color attributes, contrast and harmony, color mixing configuration, design color expression system, color decoration beauty and color performance will all affect the final Into a picture.
Four, software skills mastery
The application of software skills is the foundation of graphic design. Only by mastering and applying software can you design well and put ideas into practice. Learning software is not about knowing what each tool has, but learning about the specific design application, what kind of effect it will show in the end, and how to show what you want to show.

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1. Basic theory
1. Introduction to graphic design: what is graphic design, the scope of application of graphic design, and the elements of graphic design
2. Graphic design basis: perspective, composition, color basis, plane composition
3. Appreciation of art works: contemporary excellent visual works, contemporary excellent creative works, and world excellent art works
Two, Photoshop basics
1. Work interface and basic working principle: Photoshop basic working interface layout, preset working interface, DIY working interface, Photoshop software characteristics and working principle analysis
2. Basic tools: selection tools, basic editing tools, view operation tools
3. Application of layer type and layer style: what is a layer, working principle of layer, the use of layer panel, layer type and layer conversion, application of layer style
4. Application of vector tool and path panel: what is vector graphics, vector layer and vector mask, application of pen tool, application of shape tool, application of path and path panel

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