What skills should I master when looking for a graphic design job?

Simply put, there are three aspects to the core skills required to learn graphic design: 1 visual design ability, 2 software technique ability, 3 project practical ability.

The above knowledge points are quite a lot for novices. Wanting to grab it will often cause an excessive psychological burden and lead to giving up.

Therefore, in the learning process, beginners can learn Photoshop software as an entry point. Mainly need to master color matching, typesetting and retouching. After mastering the PS software proficiently, it is better to be proficient in the vector diagram software llustrator software. In short, combining the software project itself, flexibly using the software’s own properties to improve design efficiency and enrich visual performance, this is the ultimate goal of our software learning.

Basic visual ability can be started from the ability of layout design. In the layout design case tutorial, you can also learn the production experience of common graphic projects (posters, business cards, picture albums), which can be said to be the most cost-effective learning input for your future design work.

In addition, the content of the basics of vision is the core competence of the designer. This requires your long-term study and accumulation to enrich the theoretical knowledge in this area and help guide you to make more refined graphic design works.

In the process of working in graphic design, we may come into contact with many graphic design projects. According to different carrier materials, delivery media, and application scenarios, there are classifications such as posters, business cards, LOGO, packaging, albums, UI, and web pages. In-depth learning and understanding of different delivery platforms, media interaction, and material I art can also help designers create better, easier-to-use, and more unique designs!

The big guy does this. I have learned cdr and ps. I want to develop in this area, but I don’t know what I need to master, so ask

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