How to become a qualified game original artist

Some netizens revealed that the current Glory of the Kings, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, League of Legends, and Dungeon. The characters, game scenes and hero skins are all based on the original game paintings. Because the skin is indeed very beautiful and attractive, it also makes many people look at the position of the original game of the game.

And because the original game painting is a very important part of game production, the salary will naturally not be low. According to statistics, the salary of people in the industry has reached 8,000+ in about 3-5 years, and the current global GDP per capita is only 4,000. About/month, so the game original artist can be described as a high-paying career!

So how can you become a qualified game original artist?

High wages must be supported by high abilities, so today we will take a look at what abilities do game creators need?

What is the original game painting?

In the game company, the game original artist is responsible for the design of all characters, scenes, and props in the game world. In the work, it is necessary to create suitable characters or objects according to the requirements of the game planner, and draw a professional design draft for the 3D art department. In addition, game original art staff are often responsible for some game interface design, game promotion illustration drawing, material drawing, etc.

In addition to a solid hand-painting foundation, the game original artist also needs to be able to use some necessary software. The original game paintings are mainly created using PHOTOSHOP and paint software and electronic hand-painted boards. They are proficient in computer CG painting language and color principles, transition from traditional painting methods to computer painting methods, and finally understand game art light and shadow, color, and material expression skills. Able to understand the copy provided by the planner and convert it into a picture.

One more thing to mention is that since you need to cooperate with other departments, the game original artist must design a model design draft that meets the number of triangles of the project when designing. Make detailed three-views and props analysis diagrams for 3D artists, and clearly explain the colors and materials. This is a qualified game original artist.

Well, the above is about how to become a qualified game original artist!

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