The topic we are going to talk about is “uneven plane”

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The topic we are talking about today is “flat”, but also “uneven”, so let’s start with a flat logo. Is there such a logo in your mind? The color of this logo is orange and red. It has been very hot recently. It is said that it is a logo that has been upgraded with 8 million yuan. What is this logo? Correct! Yes: MasterCard. Let’s first ask Mr. Shao to tell us the story of the 8 million upgraded MasterCard Logo. Then please John from a designer’s point of view to tell us from a professional point of view what he thinks.
8 million yuan is a topic in itself, because domestic companies rarely open such a price, so the price of 8 million yuan has become a topic of concern. Today I give this example, which is related to our topic-“Uneven plane.” We designers have all studied graphic design. Graphic design includes three parts: plane composition, three-dimensional composition, and color composition. In the past, most of the designs were still on the plane. The reason is very simple. Most of the designs were applied to paper media. Now the times have changed. In the Internet era, the plane has also begun to be uneven. The brands of many companies are constantly adjusting according to the needs of the times.

This is the Logo: MasterCard designed for 8 million yuan. Everyone is surprised how expensive this logo is? There are only three colors: orange, orange, and vermilion. There are only two circles. It is too simple to look at the plane. But let’s look at it again, when it uses the form of video to interpret this new LOGO, it is very vivid. Now that the application of microelectronics technology is becoming more and more mature and widespread, this video is very vivid. Science and technology have promoted the development of communication, and all the tools of communication have changed. So, designers should consider how logo design should be changed in this era.

Carefully compare the changes before and after the LOGO upgrade, and found that the “master” font in the original logo has been extracted outside the main visual elements, and the font design is more modern. At the same time, based on the results of a 6 million investigation, it is found that there are several inside The root line is also a distraction, not to mention strengthening. Therefore, the new design removes the easily overlooked parts, and only precipitates the most important visual elements-two circles, which become the main body of the new LOGO. So this kind of LOGO change seems to be very simple, but in fact it is not simple. This is the brand design. We must understand that it is not a trivial matter for a brand to change its LOGO, especially for a large international brand like this. The cost of changing the LOGO of the brand is very high. 8 million is just the beginning. It must also be spread, promoted and informed. , There will be huge communication costs to be incurred in the future.

The evolution of the LOGO is actually designed according to strategy. Many so-called designers now lack systematic research on strategy and work experience, or the limitations of the market and work environment do not require him to do so, so they are often limited to just drawing a graphic, commonly known as art.

Take a look at the previous LOGO of MasterCard. The initial design just put the brand name in two circles, and it will be indistinguishable if it is a little farther away. The subsequent changes are to make these fonts visible. Try to enlarge it. , Bold, italic, lining shadows… During the period, I also designed the edges to increase the three-dimensional sense. The dynamic sense is increased, but the performance is very difficult. What I want to emphasize is that all these changes are detailed optimization adjustments under the control of the brand image system. A mature brand does not need to change the LOGO design easily if it is not required by the market and strategy.

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